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Apple to end the iPod after 21 years

Apple has stopped making the iPod 20 years after its launch.

The iPod Touch is the most recent version of the music player. Many of its features can be found on other products.

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Apple stated that it will continue to sell Touch, the last generation of iPod, “while supplies are available”.

2001 saw the release of the iPod, which was the first MP3 player to be able to store 1,000 songs.

Apple had a 70% market share worldwide in MP3 players by 2011, and more than 400m have been sold to date.

In 2017, the company discontinued the Nano and Shuffle, its last standalone music players. Industry experts had predicted that the Touch would soon follow, given the popularity of the iPhone and other smartphones that allow music listening.

The Touch’s later versions became more like smartphones. Users could take photos, send email and make video calls.

Greg Joswiak (Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing), announced the discontinuance in a statement. He said that the “spirit” of the iPod is still alive.

He said that music has been an integral part of Apple’s core. “Bringing it to millions of people in the same way iPod did has impacted more than just music. It also redefined the way music is discovered, shared, and listened to.”



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