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8 Should healthcare be more tightly regulated? What does irresponsible political behavior lead to?

Healthcare can be costly. But everyone knows that. The United States spends the most on healthcare in the world.

Healthcare spending is almost 20% of GDP, which is close to the OECD mean.

As energy prices soar, pubs and brewers warn about closure

Why is this happening?

Healthcare costs in America are high because there is very little regulation of how doctors and hospitals operate. Hospitals and medical professionals are not required to follow ethical and responsible business practices that protect the best interests of their patients. These institutions will do almost anything to make money, even if that means exploiting customers for their own personal gain. This is why so many Americans have difficulty affording healthcare.

Politics in the medical sector are crucial. The most heavily lobbied industry in the country is the medical. The medical industry spent over $2 billion in lobbying and donations alone in 2014. Because lobbyists are trying to influence legislation, many politicians feel a personal stake.

What Does irresponsible politics Lead to?

People become desperate when they lose their health insurance or have to spend a lot for healthcare services. When people become desperate, their ethics are the first to go out the window. People will do whatever it takes to make money when they are desperate.

Many Americans are desperate for money and will sell their organs on black markets. According to the U.S. Department of Justice’s report, the number of people arrested for selling organs on black market has increased dramatically over the last decade. NPR has the following to share…

According to the Justice Department, illegal trade in kidneys and livers has increased significantly over the last decade. Federal authorities received 17 reports of illegal organ trafficking in 2006.

Why Medication can be dangerous?

Prescription medications should be taken with care. It can be dangerous to take a medication that is not prescribed.

Most Commonly Misused Drugs

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that prescription drugs most frequently abused include antibiotics, hormone drugs, depressants, antidepressants and stimulants.

1. Antibiotics

Although antibiotics are often prescribed to treat bacterial infection, they are often misused. Because they love the way they feel, some people will even take antibiotics when they don’t have an infection.

2. Hormonal drugs

Many hormone drugs are prescribed to treat a variety of conditions, including birth defects, cancer, and reproductive problems. These medications can become addictive quickly and cause withdrawal symptoms. HGH and Testosterone, natural supplements that aid in weight loss, are great options. You will lose more calories and have a better overall health if you take HGH/Testosterone.

What happens if you stop using HGH and Testosterone You’ll lose strength and muscle mass. This could be dangerous. Extreme fatigue, weakness, or depression may occur. You may feel dizzy, lightheaded, and have trouble sleeping if you stop taking these medication. You should not take the medication for more than four weeks at a stretch.

3. Antidepressants

Although antidepressants are effective in treating depression, they can also be addictive and potentially dangerous if not taken as directed. Antidepressants can have warnings about suicide risk that warn that they shouldn’t be used by children and teens. It is important that you follow all instructions given to you by your doctor if an antidepressant has been prescribed.

4. Depressants

Xanax and Valium are all prescribed for anxiety disorders. However, these medications can make it easier to have sex with strangers and feel more relaxed. These drugs can be misused by prostitutes as well as other professionals in the sex business.

5. Opiates

Many people are now addicted to opiates following an injury or surgery that required prescription painkillers. Many of these people will use heroin to get similar effects, but it is much cheaper than prescription painkillers. Overdose of heroin is the leading cause for unintentional death in America. This trend can be attributed at least partially to the increased prescribing of opiates by doctors for pain relief.

6. Stimulants

ADHD patients are often prescribed stimulants like Ritalin, Concerta, and Adderall. However, these drugs can also make it easier to have sex with others. People have reported that stimulants can alter a person’s sexual orientation, even though they don’t know it. Stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall are not intended to treat ADHD. They are meant to improve social skills and focus on other areas.

Prescription Drugs Safely Used

Prescription drugs can be very dangerous. Prescription drugs are among the most dangerous drugs in the world. They aren’t properly regulated and are sold on illegal drug markets, where they can often be purchased for a profit. Before you buy prescription drugs, make sure that they are legitimate.

1. Please read the instructions.

The best way to make sure you get the correct prescription drug is to read the instructions. You should not rely on the packaging or label of prescription drugs to determine what you are purchasing. You could end up using a dangerous drug if you don’t read the instructions. You should also carefully read the directions as they may vary depending on your location and the brand of medication that you are taking.

2. Keep the Prescription unchanged


Do not change the dosage. Dosage is how much medication you’ll be taking. It will depend on your current situation. Side effects can occur if you begin with a lower dose or only take it once daily.

3. Never stop taking medication Prescription drugs

You should not stop taking high doses of medication. To avoid side effects, you should always take the prescribed dosage of medication every day.

4. Ask about Medication Effects

Ask your doctor if you should stop taking any medication that is affecting your life. Ask your doctor if a prescription drug has adverse effects on you.

5. Ask whether the drug is compatible with alcohol or other prescription drugs.

Ask your doctor if you are prescribed a drug that you do not feel is right for your needs. Ask your doctor if you’re taking prescription drugs that have an effect on you.

You can improve your health by learning how to care for your body. It is important to know what you need to know about your health before you take any action. Also, know how to care for your body.



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