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Live Streams to Increase Your Reach

Instagram’s launch in the live streaming arena through Instagram Live has helped propel live streaming to the forefront. Regardless of the fact live streaming platforms were since the beginning of time, many brands weren’t taking advantage of the benefits of live streaming, even if they’d already fully embraced the use of video.

It’s changing in the present. Influencers and businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of live streaming. More views as well as greater engagement and, most importantly, better quality engagement.

No matter if you’ve been streaming live for a long time or are brand new to the world of live streaming there are many ways to expand your reach using this amazing tool. We’ve dissected seven easy methods to use live streaming to increase the reach of your brand within this post.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Live Interviews
  • 2. Live Q&A
  • 3. Live Behind the Scenes
  • 4. Live Streaming an Offline Event
  • 5. Live Coverage of the Competition
  • 6. Accept Both Spontaneity and Planning
  • 7. Take Full Advantage of the Urgency Created by Live Streaming
  • To Wrap Up

1. Live Interviews

If you advertise live interviews in advance and create excitement about the event, and then conduct the interview of a renowned person within your industry, it will definitely increase brand recognition and draw more users on the Instagram account.


  • Increases interaction Live interviews is enhanced by questions from the audience during the live broadcast’s comment area.
  • The ability to stack: Add an additional aspect, such as an online sale, an interview live. Due to anxiety about being shut out and the feeling that it is urgent, the strategy can result in a huge amount of conversions.
  • Increases the exposure of the interview, you’ll be able to increase the quality of your interview more thanks to the network of content distribution.

2. Live Q&A

“Ask me anything,” “A fireside chat,” ” Q&A:” Whatever you prefer to refer to it, this kind of video stream only requires an average studio, a camera and most importantly with a seasoned host.

The CEO of a company, or host to save an interview in the event that the interview goes off like a boring or rude guest is the great idea. Live Q&A events are useful for any brand regardless of industry.


  • A successful strategy to generate leads
  • A fantastic engagement enhancer
  • Helps brands build stronger connections with its target audience
  • A great way for sharing your expertise of an area of study.
  • Helps sell, educate and entertain

But, if you’re an aspiring newbie and concerned about not having plenty of followers for your live Q&A session, you can use MegaFamous to gain premium followers, views, and likes which are processed swiftly and are delivered to your account within one hour. The plans offered by MegaFamous can be customized to fit any budget you have. They are able to execute orders swiftly to meet the demands of their customers.

3. Live Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes video clips are well-known for their ability to attract a much more affluent audience than any related to brands. This kind of film can boost your traffic and create a greater sense of connection and reveal the true people behind the branding and logo.


  • An audience-expansion tool.
  • The approach is actually participative; it builds an environment of crowd around the branding.
  • The opportunity to showcase the team behind the project.
  • The brand is displayed on the display with a “human face.”

4. Live Streaming an Offline Event

According to research although it was introduced to the market in the year 2015, online streaming for marketing is not yet widely utilized especially in conjunction with actual symposiums and conferences. The primary reason is that this field often reorients ticket sales through entice its customers on the internet to attend various conferences.


  • An actual event is transferred into a virtual space.
  • It allows for the commercialization from previously under-tapped segments generates buzz about the event
  • Every single interactions, comments, and posts on Instagram can help build an online community.

5. Live Coverage of the Competition

A few businesses spend a great deal of money for their live audiences in the goal of attracting bigger digital audiences in the future. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? Yes, it can be for a variety of companies. If they organize a live contest or contest, businesses not just get lots of viewers during the event but also lots of talks afterwards!


  • Brand recognition is increased.
  • It increases viewers’ views.
  • It attracts more customers and keeps in touch with the ones who are already there.
  • Innovative method to promote the launch of a new service or product.

6. Accept Both Spontaneity and Planning

Although you’ll want to make sure you’re in a position to give your viewers an the best possible experience, you don’t wish to lose the excitement of broadcasting live by over-producing.

In the case of preparing for your preparation, make sure your computer has a strong reliable internet connection. It is essential to make sure that the website from where you stream is clean and accessible. Also, you should be aware of the message you wish to convey to your viewers.

In the case of spontaneity, give yourself the flexibility to pivot or alter course when a great opportunity arises.

7. Take Full Advantage of the Urgency Created by Live Streaming

Broadcasting in live mode creates a sense immediateness and responsiveness that’s hard to duplicate in the age of online social networks. It has a distinct advantage over video uploaded to the internet because people are that they are compelled to watch it immediately and not wait for the course of an hour, day or any time they consider your brand.

This implies that you can interact with viewers on a more personal degree and even capture people who aren’t interested enough to look at the video, but don’t want to miss the happenings in real-time.

To Wrap Up

Anything that adds an element of enjoyment and expertise in your broadcast can enhance the pleasure of viewers watching it, which will keep your current viewers and even gain new ones.

Presently, Steameast live streaming gives you the chance to make an individual live stream that will allow you to draw attention to your company or brand. This particular niche in marketing is not yet saturated, and it utilizes an evergreen technologycalled video. It is a way to provide unimaginable levels of involvement and engagement. Industries with high competition are quickly adopting live streaming to keep ahead rivals.



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