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Choosing an Influencer to Drive Your Brand on Instagram

Marketing using Instagram is becoming harder every day, as companies join the Instagram bandwagon. One of the most challenging issues for companies are trying to boost the numbers of followers. While every brand can benefit by sharing great content and implementing other organic methods to increase the number of followers they have but it can be a lengthy and tiring process at most favorable times. If you’re a business which needs to rapidly expand the visibility of your brand, and also gain new followers, hiring an influencer who can endorse your brand’s image on Instagram will do wonders. But, influencer marketing can be costly, and you could wind with a big bill if you choose the most appropriate influencer. A few important factors that should be considered when choosing an influencer

Table of Contents

  • The Influencer Profile Must Be Relevant to Your Brand
  • Investigate the Evolution of the Influencer Account
  • Scrutinize the Posting Frequency
  • Study the Influencer Content
  • Conduct aHashtag Search
  • Conclusion

The Influencer Profile Must Be Relevant to Your Brand

Each influencer has distinct demographic characteristics and have influence in various spheres. It is important to select an influencer whom your intended audience trusts and admires. It is crucial to understand the characteristics of your intended audience, which will be influenced by your product’s design and pricing. An influencer who is right for your brand is not just going to be appealing to your target audience, but will also be trustworthy as well as relevant for your company’s image. The choice of an influencer will also be contingent on the amount you can afford. Influencers with huge followerships can cost an exorbitant amount and micro-influencers are more affordable. Instead of looking at influencers that have a broad appeal, such as athletes or actors or athletes, it is better to focus on influencers with a particular domain authority that is relevant to the requirements and preferences of your public. But, it is important to examine the content shared by the influencer to ensure it matches the style of your company’s brand.

Investigate the Evolution of the Influencer Account

Marketers looking to increase their reach as well as gain followers faster than they can do with organic strategies should consider using influencer marketing. Influencers are basically people who have many people following them who will endorse companies in exchange for a fee. The amount charged per post is based on the amount of followers and engagement. Only big brands can afford the expensive costs of influencers with celebrity followers that can reach millions. Smaller businesses may discover it easier to partner with micro-influencers who have tens of thousand of followers. According to Micro-influencers usually have followers ranging between 1,000 and 100,000.

The benefit is that they generally be more likely to engagement. While you should be watching your spending, you must ensure that the person you choose to hire is a good fit for the image of your business and its values. If they’ve gained followers with a rapid increase it is important to determine the reason. Because an influencer’s career is extremely lucrative, it has attracted people who have no intention about increasing their followers and engagement levels by using computers. While the follower count and level of engagement for an influencer are, they must also be aware of what content they have that they share to ensure that it’s aligned with the branding profile.

Scrutinize the Posting Frequency

Regularly posting helps keep your followers aware of your brand, and helps to increase the brand recognition and engagement that companies are looking for. If you are hiring an influencer, you’ll have to choose one who has a habit of regularly posting. People who regularly post are likely to receive more engagement than those who post occasionally. It is well-known that people do not appreciate uncertainty, and that’s why it’s necessary for your business to be featured on their Instagram feed regularly. The most reliable influencers are recognized as having more fans and more engagement. Marketers looking to boost the number of people who engage quickly can contact social media marketing firms such as Blastup to purchase followers and likes for a low cost.

Study the Influencer Content

Instagram users Instagram are demanding of their content. It is not enough for the content to be informative, interesting pertinent, timely and relevant but it must also be varied. In addition to the analytics that provide all the data about the level of engagement an influencer is able to achieve and also perform an in-depth check of the quality of the content and the variety by scrutinizing their content. It is also possible to use specific tools to determine the most successful posts and check whether the content is relevant to just one topic or covers a wide range of topics. It has been observed that influencers who share content on a wide range of subjects are more likely to attract an engaged audience. Naturally, people are bored when the same content is shared repeatedly. Additionally, you must research what kind of content is most popular for your audience and whether an influencer is posting similar content.

Conduct aHashtag Search

Everyone is aware of the significance of hashtags on Instagram. However, many do not research the hashtags they’ve utilized aside from knowing the content that is sought-after the most. Through analyzing your hashtags you will be able to determine who is engaged the most, and who has the potential to act as an influencer. Brands should choose an influencer who has been in contact in a positive way with their brand, and has an underlying desire to work with it, as the latter are likely interested in commercial partnerships. A hashtag search can provide ideas of influencers with an history of posting content relevant to your particular niche.


Although influencer marketing is fairly new, the landscape is ever-changing. The influencer you select should be adept at following and using the most recent developments along with the latest trends and developments on Instagram. For instance, you’ll require an influencer that can make use of the popular Instagram Stories feature in addition to traditional video and image posts. Finding an influencer with potential to bring most value to your business isn’t an easy task this is why the more data you have on the person and their account performance the better.



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