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The fireplace is the central point of your living area. What is a cozy and relaxing autumn day without a fire crackling and a cozy blanket?

The mantel is the focal point of any room lucky enough to have an open fireplace as the focal point. No matter if your style is simple and elegant or classic the mantel is the ideal spot to showcase your individual personal fashion. Also, your mantel is the perfect spot to help bring your home’s design ideas to life regardless of whether you have a fake fireplace or an actual one. It is possible to transform your fireplace mantel by using these DIY design ideas.

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How to Customize a Fireplace to Your Liking

A fireplace is the perfect focal point in your living space or dining room, or even your dining. Take a look at these ideas for decorating your fireplace to make your fireplace a an eye-catching piece that complements your interior design.

Modern fireplace: Mantel decor is sleek and straightforward–after all, clean lines and features are hallmarks of modern interior design. To keep the colour scheme simple, I recommend hanging one of the pieces of contemporary wall art in front of the fireplace. Bookcases with built-in bookcases each side could be perfect to keep books and files as well as firewood. The trick is to let the right items that are functional to be used as interior décor.

It’s also a great idea to embellish your fireplace with sturdy materials. You can think about the possibility of a unique metal fireplace design that will surely add an updated look to any space. If you’re looking for an alternative style to your house, then this kind of decor for your fireplace mantel is certainly an option that is more appealing.

The fireplace in the farmhouse: To construct a rustic-style house and a country farmhouse decor, the style is built with natural materials and classic décor. White fireplaces are an ideal backdrop for the farmhouse look. Fireplace surrounds made of stone are an great option. You can consider finishing your brick fireplace in white or another neutral shade in the event that you already have one. A great idea for a farmhouse mantel is to include objects that you find or have rusty such as wooden candle holders and vintage sconces. Also, think about including natural elements like topiaries that are adorned with vibrant greenery.

Boho-inspired fireplaces: Boho style shows your laid-back, free-spirited character. Think about painting the fireplace’s surround in a neutral shade like white, cream or black, and let your decor decide the colour scheme. A gallery wall over the fireplace’s mantel, featuring wall art and family photos could add an individual touch, while also feeling adventurous and quirky. Flowers in the house, like houseplants, look lovely on a boho fireplace. Candlesticks with different heights will keep your mantel warm and inviting throughout the time of the year.

9 Different Methods to Adorn a Fireplace

There are a variety of ways to alter your fireplace to match your personal style.

The display will show art. You can either put a single work of artwork over the fireplace or build an art-deco wall.

Make use of candles to embellish. Candlesticks of different sizes placed in groups either side of the mantelpiece draw attention upwards and provide visual attraction. Candle holders can be placed in a non-functional fireplace to create a sense of the feeling of comfort.

Seasons should be remembered. Seasonal decorations look fantastic on your fireplace’s mantel. In the fall season, make use of gourds and pumpkins, and during winter, put up the wreath and lights.

You could consider storing your books by the fireplace in the winter months. If fireplaces that burn wood are unusable during summer months, think about putting books in leather on the hearth for an attractive focal feature.

The pile of Birch logs. By stacking birch logs inside the hearth you can create a fireplace with a the feel of wood burning.

Set up a mirror above the fireplace. Mirrors enlarge your living space as well as reflect light.

The time has come to paint your fireplace in red brick. While red brick is gorgeous, it’s not the ideal backdrop to showcase your ideas for design. For a more neutral style you can use white or cream paint shades. After that, you can paint it with dark jewel to make an impressive effect.

Use your fireplace to create storage for blankets. Set up a large wicker basket to store duvets in the fireplace that is not in use to save space.

The pillows should be high. Pile floor pillows and throw pillows in order to make a cozy and relaxing nook in an un-functional hearth. It will create a relaxing place for visitors (and pet) to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Are you willing to give your space a the look of a designer?

Making your mantel the center of the room may be stressful. Do not be intimidated. Select a design idea from the suggestions above that are most appropriate to your style and do the work. You’ll be amazed by how well-designed mantels within the fireplace can change the mood of your living space! It doesn’t have to be costly. All you need is a little imagination and dedication and the end result is sure to surprise you.



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