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Spotify has created a new out of the box website that reveals the most popular songs and also experts.

There’s an Spotify site that allows you to know your top Artists along with your Top Songs ever.

Spotify likes to provide customers vast information about their preferences for listening. For 2017, their well-known music real-time feature released its annual Spotify Wrapped feature that informs users of the songs and music artists they’ve streamed their during the course of the year.

In addition, as recently, Spotify has been telling clients that they’re the top 1 percent of fans of a craftsman based on how often they are paying attention to the craftsman. If you are paying attention to a craftsman nearly 100% more often than the other people on Spotify then you’re in the official Top 1 percent of fans.

But the Spotify information doesn’t stop there. Another website that provides lots of data is being been distributed on the internet via the web-based media.

There’s a good chance that if you’ve been around Twitter or Instagram in the last few days you’ve seen your friends post about their top Artists and top Tracks via Spotify. The users have shared a selection from the Top 50 craftsmen and tunes from the last four weeks, a quarter of a year and beyond. To find out what yours is just go to and sign-in using the details of your Spotify account.

The website gives you the option to view your top Artists as well as Top Tracks. The site then, at that time, shows the individual records of the most well-known artists and songs from the last four weeks, half year, and even. In essence, the website carefully analyzes your listening preferences and provides specific readings of what artists and songs you love the most.

The site also displays the most frequently played tunes, along with the exact date the date you most recently played the tunes.



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