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Natalia Aksyonova: How Excellent Ethics and Professionalism Made Her Business the Frontrunner of Syndey Beauty Industry

backgrounds and budgets. But, they all share one thing they share – the desire to be beautiful and impeccable cosmetic work. This is exactly the kind of service Natalia Aksyonova, the founder and chief artist of the studio has been providing to her clients for more than 10 years.

In a candid, honest discussion, Natalia shares her vision of business ethics in the field of beauty and her personal philosophy and also her personal story of success.

From the age of a young child, Natalia dreamed of becoming an ER doctor and saving patients’ lives. That dream, along with Natalia’s determination, drove her to complete her medical training and education at home. She also spent time being employed at an ER as an registered nurse. I can’t begin to tell my readers how I’ve come to appreciate the gifts of life during the time I was in the emergency room. The experience has helped me become the professional and person that I am today.”

When Natalia relocated into Germany after a stint in Eastern Europe, she went into medical camouflage covering skin pigmentation, and evidence of previous surgical procedures. As a doctor, Natalia realized the value of helping people maintain their beauty and health by using techniques for medical camouflaging.

The year 2009 was the time that Natalia made the move into Sydney, Australia, to start the next chapter of her life. Natalia switched her attention entirely on aesthetic medicine and completed certifications and training in cosmetic and beauty therapy. tattooing. When asked what led her to take that path, Nalatia confesses:

“My initial months in Australia were rough. I wasn’t sure what to do with my time or where I would be in the future career-wise. One thing I knew for certain was that I am passionate about working with people and I’d like help make people’s lives easier and more satisfying. My friends and family advised me to create an enterprise that would allow me to make this passion into a career that lasts for a lifetime. This is the way Natalia Beauty came into being.”

Natalia noticed that the Australian market for cosmetic tattoos was untapped, so she began to offer cosmetic services Sydney was not used to before. As she did not have an extensive professional or social network when she first arrived in Australia, Natalia had to work nights and days to create her business from starting.

In the present, Natalia Beauty is the leading semi-permanent beauty studio located in Sydney. It utilizes the latest aesthetic technology and cutting-edge techniques to deliver the most natural and long-lasting results for customers. Natalia utilizes methods such as micro-blading and shading brows, powder brows as well as lip blushing and stardust eyeliner, as with more complicated procedures like lip reconstruction after melanoma. Her innovative tattooing technique is safe and gentle for all skin type.

What is it that sets Natalia’s studio apart from the rest is not just the excellent service, but also her professional goal:

It’s, most importantly, a way to assist a person to improve their overall quality of life and boost confidence in their self. This is why I see lots of clients with an history of medical issues which affect the appearance of a person. These include cancer patients, those suffering from alopecia, or people who were involved in a crash. Cosmetic tattoos can help get back to their natural appearance and make them feel more beautiful. This is one of the greatest benefits I’m aiming to bring to my clients during my practice.”

In fact, Natalia’s philosophy is based on integrity as well as aesthetics that are ethically conceived. Her work in the cosmetic field is natural and subtle, yet profound for clients. As a routine procedure, Natalia performs reconstructive nipple tattoos for breast cancer patients completely for no cost.

In addition, she assists women both older and younger to keep their natural beauty and enhance it overall. She relates a recent instance of serving a 98 year old Japanese client who was looking fabulous for her daughter’s birthday celebrations of 73 years old. Natalia insists that, in contrast to other aestheticians, she’s open to working with elderly clients. She understands the specifics of the interaction between pigment and ageing skin and uses her knowledge to deliver excellent results for women who are of any age and need.

There is no doubt that Natalia creates trust in her clients. She also approaches anyone who walks into her space with unflinching concern:

“I enjoy myself and am proud of my beautiful feminine appearance However, I love my clients more. This is why I offer them the most effective advice on aesthetics and my honest and honest opinion prior to any procedure. Since I am a professional in the field of medicine I’m not going to go against my convictions and do an aesthetic tattoo when I’m not 100 sure that the result will make my client’s life better in the future. However as an artist and tattoos that are cosmetically designed are a work of art – I might suggest a client to avoid having a tattoo when their choice does not match their facial proportions or highlights their natural beauty.”

Natalia’s dedication to work and top-quality service has created her as a top professional within The Australian cosmetics industry. The studio she runs sets the standard for other professionals in the niche and promotes a more responsible positive, emphatic and ethical approach to cosmetic services. In addition, Natalia Beauty is known for its distinctive range of quality materials. Natalia is a cosmetic tattooist using premium German pigments that she has chosen because of its strength and safety.

Additionally, Natalia is a lifelong student who strives to learn new skills, upgrade her knowledge and experience, and also discover the latest medical aesthetic techniques. In the present, Natalis is particularly deep in chemistry research She is determined to master all there is to know about the way skin reacts to different pigments for tattoos. So, it’s no surprise that she’s advocating for the need for an education in medicine for those working in the beauty industry:

“When I meet aestheticians with any medical training this makes me doubt the competence of their professionals. Cosmetic procedures are a major responsibility for any professional . we alter the appearance of people’s faces as well as their bodies, we alter their appearance and self-image and carry out interventions at various levels. Are you able to trust all of this and depend on a professional with an online course that lasts for three weeks? It’s never a pleasant encounter to be forced to correct the mistakes of an unqualified beauty professional. That’s why having a top qualification and education are the top priority when it comes to selecting beauty professionals to join my team.”

The studio of Natalia is a bustling place of wellness and natural beauty where customers come to remain. Natalia will also pass on on her experience and knowledge onto other professionals working in the field of beauty and educating them on the intricacies of tattooing cosmetically and encouraging new aestheticians to develop and take care of their work with respect. After a long and thorough education, Natalia continues to support her students to ensure they are able to establish an independent practice in beauty. She insists that she does not intend to expand her business to a chain of salons soon. ” The boutique approach to business allows me to maintain exceptional service and give every client the personal touch they deserve.

However, Natalia is not the one who will sit still. She wants to continue providing value to her clients, keep acquiring new certifications and skills and to expand the scope of procedures available for aesthetics at her studio. Her goal is towards redefining the concept of cosmetic tattooing and its place in the realm of beauty and health.



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