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Kent lab discovers illegal substances in the’majority’ of CBD products

  • Tests conducted on sixty plus CBD products showed that the majority of them contained prohibited substances. This is what a council discovered.

Kent Scientific Services (KSS) A laboratory owned through Kent County Council, has conducted tests for a variety of local authorities.

It was found that 44 of the 61 samples (72 percent) included at least one of the psychoactive elements in cannabis.

KSS Head of KSS Mark Rolfe said: “The issue with this is that people don’t know what they are consuming.”

The product was examined after a member of the public ate it and was subsequently unable to pass a workplace drug test, despite having “never touched drugs in his life”.

New food items

Additionally, some samples included “significantly less” CBD than stated on the label Two other products were not claiming to be containing CBD however, CBD’s presence was discovered.

In contrast to other components found in cannabis like THC, CBD is legal.

It is classified as a novel food , and is currently being evaluated for security from Food Standards Agency (FSA). Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The FSA has granted 6000 CBD items to be sold in the UK with the condition of the final approval.

Linden Jack, deputy director of the FSA Linden Jack, deputy director of the FSA: “This study underscores what a significant job we’re working to help bring this booming business into compliance.

KSS analysts in the public sector Jon Griffin, who led the tests, stated: “CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis.

The types of products examined to date by KSS are those covered by the FSA list, as well as vapes and cosmetics that aren’t included.

The items included cola chunks Marmalade, CBD oil, gummy bears cookies CBD beverages, cigarettes and balm for muscles.



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