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Acne Fighting Oil: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Review

A few of the products that really helped me with my acne was my Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Mask and LGH Tea Tree 90 Essence is made up of, well, you’ve probably already knew that, Tea Tree! When I was conducting a study on Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, the tee tree oil is frequently mentioned, particularly the one that comes from The Body Shop. Naturally, I was eager to try it. I’m sure that the ingredient works, however I am unsure of what it does on its own. Read the review below. Body Shop Tea Tree Oil review.

However, firstly ask yourself, what is Tea Tree Oil Really Do?

Tea tree oil comes in the leaves from the tea tree and should not confuse with the popular tea plant “tea tree” that is used to make green and black teas. The chemical compounds present in tea tree oils can destroy fungus and bacteria and help reduce allergic reactions on the skin. It is a great option to apply it on the skin for conditions like acne or fungal infection of the nails (onychomycosis) lice, scabies (also known as athletes’ feet (tinea pedis) and ringsworm. It can also be used topically to treat local infections, for abrasions and cuts, to treat insect bites, burns and stings, boils Vaginal infections and recurrent herpes laboratoryialis teethache as well as infections of the mouth and the throat, as well as for sore throats as well as for Otitis media and Otitis externa. It is possible to learn more about it on webMD.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is a calming and purifying oil that can help treat breakouts, eliminate impurities and mattify the complexion without drying. It is backed by a scientifically proven claim that it will give you visible clearer skin after just one week.


This formula is made with genuine tea tree leaves which were picked by hand, then steam-distilled after 12 hours to create the most pure oil. This potent formula has 15 percent tea tree oil which is an acknowledged ingredient for its anti-acne properties. It also has Tocopherol (Vitamin E) which provides anti-aging benefits. It is possible to read more about the analysis of its ingredients in the Skin Carisma.


Application: Apply directly to the skin using your fingertips or a cotton buds. You can also mix 2-3 drops of this into the clay mask you prefer.

SCENT The scent isn’t really certain of what tea tree is, however the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is very minty.

Packaging: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is simply packaged in a bottle. It is available in 10ml or 20ml.

Formula: Despite the “oil” in the name, it’s not like it’s oily in any way. It’s more like minty water. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy.

result: The claim that it can give users the benefit of a “visibly clearer-looking skin in one week” is a lie! It didn’t eliminate my pimples in a single week. It took two weeks, or even longer, and if it’s large then you should try something else. It could be something stronger, like a benzoyl peroxide. However, it’s relaxing, and if you employ kaolin clay or bentonite regularly, you can include The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil to improve the effectiveness of your mask and also, calming.


Benefits This is a refreshing minty scent that feels relaxing. It can also be used to make your own clay mask. It’s anti-bacterial , which helps to combat acne.

Cons: In terms of curing and healing it isn’t able to do the job within a week.


It is possible to purchase The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil at the entire Body Shop branches in the Philippine at a cost of around Php500. If you are it in the US you can purchase this from Ulta for around $10, and on Amazon at $9.50



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