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Luxury Lehenga Designs You Should Know About!

D-Day weddings, alias weddings, and especially Indian weddings-are not only about laughter, love food, or rituals. Also, aesthetic decorations, Indian jewelry grandiose, elegance, and perfect wedding dress‘.

The prices of luxury lehenga styles (even those that are replicas) are rising because of the demand.

Have you ever considered why people continue to invest in so much time and money selecting the right style, color, pattern and even the designer?

The answer is straightforward to feel and look perfect and imperial in every way!

The traditional costume required a radical overhaul by a new generation of designs and concepts because of the increasing demand of customisation and modern bridesmaids who want to make their lehengas have an individual touch. Therefore, a range of styles were developed.

Discussing Luxury Lehenga designs without not mentioning Sabyasachi is not less than an offense (we believe you too.). The rich colors, captivating embroidery, the classy flaunts in the lehengas high-end blouses with a dazzling necklineThe list goes on and on but what happens if you want something different from Sabyasachi lehengas? Where do you get inspiration from, and all without the scorching temperatures? Too many questions?

Don’t worry, we have you covered!

We’ve compiled a list of luxurious Lehenga designsthat will make you awestruck.

Table of Contents

  • A-line Lehenga
  • Symmetrical Lehengas
  • Embroidered Lehengas
  • Saree Style Lehengas
  • Bridal Lehengas
  • Party Lehengas

A-line Lehenga

The lehengas featured in these types have an A cut, which is why they get the name”A-line lehenga. They have an elongated hem that has an elongated bottom. If you’re looking to showcase and highlight your body shape it is the ideal choice. You can either opt for the monochromatic look or opt for colors that are completely different to create a bold statement. Indian jewelrymade from emerald stones as well as Kundan will add an additional aspect to your overall appearance.

Symmetrical Lehengas

Are you looking for an stylish bride’s maid’s dress with an extra zing? Check out Symmetrical Lehengas. Select something traditional from the most beautiful fabric. The variety of this design allows it to be a secure and stylish choice for any occasion. The hem is usually straight, with a little flare around the hem.

You can effortlessly dress this lehenga in strong blouses, silk-smooth shirts, bold patterns, and trendy fabrics like pastel organza fancy georgette, etc.

Embroidered Lehengas

Lehengas with embroidery are the heart tradition of Indian ethnic attire designed for females. They flatter and look beautiful on women of any age category. The latest innovative designs and styles of lehengas with embroidery have made it possible to wear them to workplace parties as well as other informal events as well. Traditional colors are Fuchsia blush, soft shades and a bold monotone palette.

Lehengas with hand-embroidered embroidery have a long-lasting appeal and pair well with Indian jewelry or royal stones.

Saree Style Lehengas

You’ll never look over-dressed nor dressed down in this outfit!

If tradition and fashion had one face that could be the amazing lehengas in sarees. This stunning ethnic look is a blend of Indian lehengas and sarees that have the appearance of a fishtail or A-line cuts. Different prints, colour combinations, patterns, and fabrics are readily available online to suit this modern fashion.

Bridal Lehengas

Sabyasachi, Anita Dogre, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar’s styles from their bridal gowns are often mentioned even when you mention the tiniest detail of bridal lehengas today. Why would anyone blame them? The dreamy celebrities lehenga models were created by their talented houses.

Because the bridal lehengas are specifically designed to be worn on wedding days Choose a hue that catches your eye and flatters you to the max. In the end, your wedding album should reflect joyous emotions, exciting moments, gorgeous ceremonies and of course the stunning newlyweds.

Red isn’t the only option for ideal wedding dress nowadays. There is many options and vibrant fusions.

Party Lehengas

It is a classic style category that ethnic Indian women love to wear. To create your ideal party outfit, try out a variety of sleeves, flattering necklines, delicate jewellery with embroidered clutches and accessories, embroideries as well as the material of your lehenga for the party you select.

You can also change your appearance with mixing and matching lehenga blouse/choli sets. You could even put the top of a jacket with sleeves for a chic style.

P.S.-If you have some luxurious lehenga designs that are in your wardrobe but you don’t have any functions to take care of? You can rent them. There are a variety of platforms that support this concept. This is a win-win scenario where the renter earns money , and the rentee gets the happiness.

Who doesn’t love wearing a dress and taking pictures at parties or weddings (we have been guilty also!)? Send us your best diva moments to us below in the comments section.



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