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How to Find the Lead Generating Keywords for your Website?

To find lead generating keywords for SEO, it’s important to know how to find the right keywords. This is not an easy task, and there are many mistakes that you can make when you’re trying to do it. However, with a few simple steps and some patience, you’ll be able to find just what you need to get your site on top!

Best Ideas to Find the Lead Generating Keywords for your Website

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a process of finding the best lead generating keywords for your website. If you want to improve your organic search rankings, keyword research is critical to your SEO strategy. There are many different keywords, but here we’ll focus on lead generating keywords. People use these keywords to search for information regarding your business or industry.

When you’re doing keyword research, there are two main components:

Keyword Ideas

These are the words and phrases you think people will use to find your website when they search online. This could include “web development services” or “Buy Instagram Followers Site.” The more specific your keyword ideas, the better your chance of ranking well in search engines for those terms.

Keyword Difficulty Score

This estimates how difficult it will be to rank on top searches for a given term based on how competitive it is within Google search results. The higher the difficulty score, the harder it will be for you to rank well in Google for that term (assuming all other factors are equal).

  1. Rank for Keywords with High Traffic and Low Competition

It’s important to find a balance of keywords with high traffic and low competition. This will allow you to rank in Google’s top 10 search results pages (SERPs). The easy way to do this is by using Keyword Planner, a tool created by Google that allows you to enter any keyword and see how many searches it gets, how much competition there is for those searches, and how much the average click-through rate is.

To find the most profitable lead generating keywords, simply enter your main keyword and then start plugging in variations of it, changing them up by adding words like “best,” “cheap,” or “reviews,” for example, until you see something promising.

  1. Pick The Top Keywords for Your Website

Picking the right lead generating keywords is critical to your success. You want to ensure you target the right keywords for your website and that your website is optimized for those keywords. If you pick inappropriate keywords, you could waste time and money on search engine optimization (SEO) that does not work for your business.

You have to think like a customer to find the right lead generating keywords. Your goal should be identifying your potential customers’ phrases when searching for information about your products or services. Once you’ve identified which keywords will help drive sales for your site, it’s time to start writing content that uses those terms naturally within the copy so people can find it when using search engines like Google or Bing.

  1. Analyze Your Competitors’ Content Strategy

Analyzing your competitor’s content strategy can helps find the most relevant lead generating keywords. For example, to rank for “best welding gloves,” you can look at the top ten websites that rank for this keyword (e.g., Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart) and see what kind of content they have on their pages. You can do this by using a tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs. These tools will show you all the pages with links pointing at them and their position in Google.

  1. Create A New Website Page for Each Keyword

Create one if there’s no page on your site that includes all the information or products related to the keyword you want to rank for! This will help Google understand your page and make it easier for you to rank for that particular keyword.

  1. Create A Sitemap for Your Site

Another thing that you need to do is create a sitemap for your website. The sitemap will help you determine the most important pages on your site and what keywords should be used for each. Furthermore, if you have a large site with lots of pages and URLs, it can be difficult for Google to find them all. Creating a sitemap that lists all your content makes it easier for Google to find your content quickly, which helps users find what they’re looking for more quickly.


Lead generation is important to web success because leads convert into money. Use the tips above to better identify your target generating keywords, or hire a UK web design agency and give yourself the best chance of success.



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