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Is it True That Buying Listeners on Spotify Gets Your Music to the Top of Spotify Search Results Within a Few Days?

Since going global, Spotify has grown to be among the most well-known and favored music streaming services. The majority of the songs are made available on this platform, where they have since broken records and gained more fans. It allows you to stream your favorite music or postcards. This app allows you to create as many playlists as you want, edit them, and share them with your friends. 

“Spotify for Artists” is a different version of Spotify made specifically for the musicians who release their music there. Here, they can manage their songs or postcards, look at their followings, and manage a lot of other things. 

However, these artists’ lives are not as simple as they make them out to be. To stand out from the tens of thousands of other singers out there, an artist must overcome a number of obstacles. One of them, if we’re talking about organic growth, is the quantity of followers and listeners, which is unquestionably out of their control.

Due to the intense competition, it cannot be easy to get your music heard by a large audience and included in Spotify’s automatic playlists. However, just as there are solutions for everything, there are for this issue as well. Paying the right amount will allow you to purchase listeners from a third party. 

But are they really advantageous to your growth, and will they get you to the top? Let’s find that out in the subsequent article.

Buying Listeners for Spotify Music

You can buy your listeners in two ways, through ads or through third-party sources. You pay the platform money to show your music in their ads, and they bring you, listeners. The best app to use for this is Spotify, but you can also do the same for other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. This is a costly yet very safe way. 

The other method involves paying money to third-party sources/sites, and they increase your number of listeners. This method is against Spotify’s user policy, and there are dangers involved in it. Your account could possibly be flagged as suspicious. In the worst case, your profile might also be restricted or banned, and once this happens, it isn’t easy to regain your previous level of fame. 

Is it True That Buying Listeners on Spotify Gets Your Music to the Top of Spotify Search Results Within a Few Days?

Getting back to the original question that we intended to answer, can you get to the top of the results within a few days if you buy listeners? The answer is partial “no” and “yes.” If you acquire those listeners the right way, i.e., through the ads, there are chances that more and more people will listen to your music frequently, which will help you make your music trendy and reach the top of the list.

However, you won’t get the desired outcome if you do this by purchasing 1000 Spotify listeners from third-party sources. Because the people who are listening to it are ultimately just bots and not real people, this will only increase the number of times your song is played and won’t increase the number of listeners who interact with it in other ways.


As we’ve seen, buying listeners from trustworthy sources, like through advertisements, will result in a profit; however, buying from untrustworthy sources has its own drawbacks, and you might not even get your money’s worth. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to spend your money on reputable sources, even if that means purchasing Spotify listeners.



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