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63 Home Decor Stores to Shop Now and Always

AD PRO is here to help you improve your space while supporting small-scale businesses, too! With the top home stores from coast-to-coast across America spanning from AD editors’ favorites and popular websites and retailers favored by top professionals ranging from AD editors themselves all the way down to local furniture suppliers within your own region, AD PRO’s list covers it all – bookmark a few for future travel or searching furniture companies locally with some help from the experienced storekeepers who run these shops and you may discover something unexpected!

West Coast

Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe, one of Los Angeles’ premier decor sources. Designer Catherine Kwong recommends them frequently because the store reflects an interior designer’s perspective when selecting products for decorating projects. Their store features artwork by Patricia Iglesias, Abate Studio and Otis Ingrams as well as home furniture such as couches, chaises, dining tables and vintage jewelry by various artists renowned in Los Angeles; Household by Nickey Kehoe offers stylish products for pantry or laundry rooms or gardens to complete your projects beautifully – so element of your project will look stylishly complete.

Lawson-Fenning, Los Angeles

Lawson-Fenning is an established California brand. A staple on Melrose Avenue, this store is famous for its vintage-modern designs that epitomize West Coast cool. Designer Kevin Isbell often visits Lawson-Fenning for unique finds; “they work with emerging artisans and craftsmen to offer a distinct perspective that is all their own”, Isbell asserts. Furthermore, their selection of pottery may even serve as their personal flaw.



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