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Just appointed Miami Dade College athletic director and already facing three key hires

Mike Balado was officially introduced as Miami Dade Athletic Director without prior experience serving in that capacity. On his inaugural day as Athletic Director – which fell on Monday – three head coaches had already been identified for hiring. Balado will also hire coaches for women’s football – something never before seen at MDC – after it resumes play after 25 years of absence. Balado must also hire an additional baseball coach following news that Adrian Morales may have moved on to Nova Southeastern University, according to reports. Balado confirmed Morales has left but there has yet to be an official announcement from either school regarding this matter. Balado has spent 25 years as an assistant coach in basketball. Over his tenure as director at Arkansas State, he oversaw an 82-100 record over six seasons – an accomplishment which is testament to his talent as an administrator and mentor. Prior to his current job as Athletic Director at Louisville, Balado served as an assistant coach under Rick Pitino for four years as assistant coach at Louisville. However, Balado described himself as being used for various administrative duties everywhere he’s ever been employed: “(Athletic director isn’t my title from before), however there has always been some administrative task where ever I went. So (this role) really doesn’t feel any different to anything I have been doing before”. Instead of overseeing players, Balado now oversees coaches. In addition to him, MDC Athletics also recently appointed former MLB player Alex Fernandez as a Senior Advisor of their Athletics program. Fernandez was a pitcher with the Major Development Corp and received the fourth overall MLB Draft selection in 1990; thus providing Balado with an invaluable asset when choosing his next baseball head coach from amongst the Sharks. Balado noted of Fernandez, whom he did not know personally prior to their joint hire agreement, “he gives credibility to an initiative which has proven highly successful, while giving us access to someone with numerous connections.” Balado expressed excitement to work with Alex Fernandez.

We’ve had frequent chats and I feel much more familiar with him now than just 72 minutes earlier.

” Balado declined to address whether Fernandez desired coaching as an official role; but his advisory position suffices in providing sufficient feedback. No matter the case may be, Balado faces an uphill climb immediately upon taking on this job. “When taking on this position, I knew I’d need to hire both men’s and women’s coaching staff for our soccer team,” Balado explained. “Soccer season may not start up again until 2024, giving us time to find suitable candidates. However, Adrian moving over from Nova was due to being on the left side of the field.” Balado stated that his search has brought him into contact with those within his “network” of family and acquaintances in order to locate potential candidates, which includes athletic directors as well as coaches. Sports Illustrated offers more on sports news and stories of sport. Read up on soccer; Balado declared it an “important asset” having an experienced coach lead such an innovative program. Balado also prioritizes coaches who have proven themselves winners as well as experienced recruiters, which he noted his MDC baseball program had the latter quality due to its track record of success – this success has contributed to producing standout players such as Mike Piazza, Steve Carlton, Placido Polanco, Mickey Rivers Bucky Dent Warren Cromartie Raul Ibanez among many more.



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