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6 Ways To Style A Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are a versatile and timeless apparel that is a must-have in your wardrobe. They come in different materials, but the most liked ones are made from leather. The leather bomber jackets for men are known for their great style, warmth, and comfort. When styling a bomber jacket, you must consider your personal styling preference. The bomber jackets are of several kinds: oversized,slim-fit, and cuff styles that are ribbed or knitted elastic. So, a wide variety enables you to style it according to your personality. Whether you want something casual or professionally outstanding, a bomber jacket does it all with its different styles. We have gathered the best six ways to style a bomber jacket that will surely help you elevate your outfits.

1. Classic Casual

Perfect for a  laid-back vibe! Pairing your slim-fit bomber jacket with jeans and a plain t-shirt is an excellent option if you want to keep it casual. A vintage band tee under your bomber jacket with your favourite jeans is also a great example of straightforward, satisfying, and classic. Another choice you can make is to pair your classic brown leather suede jacket with jeans and casual leather shoes or even sneakers, depending on the cut and the colors.

2. Retro vibes

Vintage bomber jackets can always stay in style. Men’s leather jackets come in many kinds, but bomber jackets with a retro vibe are an all-time winner in the fashion game. They have soft, warm fleece, wool-blend or wool-Sherpa collars and are made from sturdy, water-resistant leather or nylon. You can wear a retro bomber jacket over a knit sweater in the cold or over a collared shirt when the temperature is warm and dry. These can be paired well with dark denim jeans or corduroy.

3. Effortless Athleisure   

This is the signature style of all style-conscious fitness enthusiasts. A popular variation of the bomber jacket is the Varsity jacket, which has a mid-century sportswear vibe with letters on its exterior. It looks best worn over a blazer and chinos with boat shoes, tennis sneakers, or loafers. Another way to style a bomber jacket is to pair the sleek black bomber jacket with comfortable joggers or a pair of fresh sneakers that will give you an effortless chic look.

4. Cool Minimalistic look

For the men who know less is more. This monochrome look is a single-coloured look from head to toe. It creates a chic, streamlined silhouette that makes a significant impact—a black bomber jacket paired with black skinny jeans and a black tee or a same-coloured turtleneck. A black bomber jacket can also be styled with a solid colour turtleneck paired with khaki pants and white sneakers, which gives you the perfect eye-catching look.

5. Refined Formal

This look takes casual business attire to a new level of style. The bomber jacket can be worn on top of a crisp, collared shirt and a tie, paired with smart trousers, giving you the ultimate business meeting look. You can also wear a brown leather bomber jacket with a plain black tee and black jeans if the occasion requires formal. Remember to team all of this up with a pair of proper dress shoes or loafers. This style is perfect for your everyday client business meetings and post-work dinners.

6. Modern Elegance

Adding a hint of modern style to your daily wear outfits is best done by the bomber jackets. Pairing a bomber jacket with a suit is like mixing fire and ice- an exciting clash of casual and formal. A sleek bomber jacket on top of a sharp suit with a dotted tie paired with dress shoes is the premium outfit that keeps you in style from morning to night. The quilted black bomber jacket can be worn on top of a plain white t-shirt paired with black jeans and dress shoes. This outfit indeed gives off elegant vibes with modern sophistication.

In closing

Bomber jackets have an iconic history and enormous durability, which makes them perfect in every way. They are uniquely distributed among different styles and are suitable for almost every occasion. Styling the bomber jackets is the real task, and we just made it easier for you all to choose a style from the six ways listed above. These include casual and formal wear, along with professional and retro styles. Pick one that matches your personality the best. A bomber jacket can be a valuable addition to your closet if you appreciate its style, comfort and versatility. While you style the bomber jacket your way, remember to walk out in confidence because you are not just wearing a jacket; you are wearing a statement. Whether you want something casual or professionally outstanding, a bomber jacket does it all with its different styles. We have gathered the best six ways to style a bomber jacket that will surely help you elevate your outfits.



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