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Exploring the Advancements and Benefits of Virtual Colonoscopy in Colorectal Health Screening

As time passes by, advancements are made in older technologies and techniques, leading to the development of better and more promising equipment and tools. In the field of medicine and technology, colonoscopies have been performed for decades and it is a useful tool for all doctors around the world. Providing better insights about the body’s internal organs and enabling doctors to choose a satisfactory treatment plan. These colonoscopy scans have made it easier to detect changes in an individual’s colon and rectum area. However, the test isn’t preferred by plenty of individuals due to its invasive nature. Hence, virtual colonoscopy was invented for patient ease and comfort. Let’s dive into the article on virtual scans and screening, benefits and uses.

What Is So Intriguing About Virtual Colonoscopies?

Virtual colonoscopy, also known as CT Colonography, is a modern procedure for scanning your large intestine and rectum. They can detect cancerous masses and abnormalities in your colorectal area. Making it quite easy to look for mutations in your body. They use CT scanners or magnetic resonance imaging for image formation. Since these scans are virtual and do not require the entry of equipment into your body, it makes them more intriguing. Hence, it is preferred over the traditional colonoscopy. Due to its comfortable procedure, these scans develop compliance and can be performed multiple times without any problems.

How Is It Performed?

The Virtual Colonoscopy procedure is simple and easy. A CT scanner is utilized to take multiple high resolution images of the colorectal area. These images are then combined by the computer to produce 2D or 3D images of the scan. It gives a better outlook on the organs and hence, assists doctors in better detection of any abnormal changes in the area. The expertise of such a scan is the detection of larger cancerous masses and imaging of all the layers of the intestine and rectum. Not only that, it helps with the detection of anomalies in the surrounding areas and organs as well. 

Advantages of Virtually Performed Scans

Virtually performed scans always have their benefits due to their modern procedures. Some of the advantages of virtual colorectal scanning are given below. These include:

  1. Non-invasive scan
  2. Costs less as compared to conventional procedures
  3. Comfortable for the patient
  4. Better compliance
  5. Accurate and precise results
  6. High resolution images
  7. Less radiation exposure
  8. Shorter procedure time
  9. Creates 3D images for better understanding
  10. Reduced recovery time
  11. Preferable for patients contraindicated for invasive colonoscopy

Non-invasive Procedure

Virtual colorectal scan is a non invasive colonoscopy that is bringing revolution to traditional colonoscopy due to equipment that scans your colon and rectum from the outside. These scans do not require equipment to go inside your body to visualize the linings of your large intestine. They effectively use low-radiation X-rays that allow the computer to create 2D and 3D images of the large intestine and colon. This increases the compliance of the patient.

Cost Effective Scans

Virtual colonoscopy costs comparatively less as compared to invasive colonoscopies. There is no need for anaesthesia or equipment that is invasive and requires no extra materials for cross-infection control. Such colonoscopies do not require prior booking of a private room. Hence, this greatly reduces the cost of the whole procedure. At ViaScan, we offer affordable virtual scans ensuring our patients have a comfortable experience. We aim to provide precise results so that the diagnosis of diseases is accomplished easily. 

What Is Colonoscopy Assist?

Colonoscopy Assist is a program in the US that enables individuals, who can not afford a colonoscopy screening, to have a colonoscopy scan done and assist them in the detection of diseases. It enables the middle class and uninsured people to have better disease screening and treat their conditions on time. This program provides a variety of procedures including conventional and virtual colorectal screening. They also include the cost of removal of any polyps present inside the large intestine or rectum. 

Comparing Modern Methods With Conventional Procedures

When the two of them are weighed according to their pros and cons, virtual screening proves to be much better. Patients are usually hesitant to get a colonoscopy done due to its invasive and uncomfortable procedure. This causes anxiety and uneasiness for the patient. Most of them run away when the doctors tell them to get a colonoscopy done. Hence, virtual screening options were brought to the market to make it easier for individuals to screen and cure their diseases. Virtual colorectal screening is a hassle and pain-free procedure with almost the same results as an invasive one. Usually when the invasive procedure is done, a CT scan after colonoscopy is required to confirm the removal of all abnormal tissues within the intestine or rectum. Hence, ViaScan is a good option to opt for virtual colonoscopy scans in Irving, TX. 



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