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Is It Possible to See Who Viewed Your VSCO?

Since the use of social media has increased in the last few years a lot, the use of photo-editing applications has also increased significantly as people always upload their pictures on any social media application that they are using. 

Now, if people post different pictures on their social media applications, they want their pictures to be perfect and one of the best picture editing applications that is used by people is VSCO. VSCO is one of the best applications used by people when they want to edit their pictures with filters and stickers to make them perfect for social media. 

A lot of people know that other people can view your pictures edited and created on VSCO and this is why several people want to know if can you see who views your VSCO. In the guide, we will be giving you information so that you can determine whether you can see who is viewing your VSCO. 

Can You See Who Is Viewing Your Vsco Edits on the Application?

VSCO might be similar to a social media application as other people can use the application to view the content created by other users. While people cannot chat with new people because the application focuses on photo editing, it allows people to see the pictures and edits made by other users. 

So if you want to know does VSCO shows views and whether you can check who is viewing your VSCO on the application then, allow me to tell you that this is currently not possible on the application. 

The application has turned into a community-based photo editing application however, the social activity on the application is not like other social media applications like Instagram and Snapchat. This is the main reason why you cannot see the activity of other people on the application and get to know other VSCO users who are looking at your creations on the application. 

Wrap Up

You will not be presented with the names of your followers or the users who are sharing your picture with other people on the application. The only way in which you can even have a little bit of an idea is if the other person likes your creation on the application; however, if there are no likes then, you cannot see who is viewing your VSCO on the application. The application has not introduced these features because the makers solely want to popularise the application as a picture editing application.



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