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Mistakes that can restrict you in Drafting an A-1 Essay

Essays have become an integral part of studies in the academic life of a student. Essay writing is hectic for many students who repetitively make mistakes one after the other. Hence they have to struggle to get the desired score in the essay paper. However, if you are focused and are willing to work on those committed mistakes, you can simply avoid them and write an error-free paper. But if you feel less confident, you can get help from qualified British essay writers. Besides, there are available essay writing service companies in the UK. They have multiple rules and regulations for providing the best essay help in the world. These service companies are well organised with all necessary resources such as library access, customer services, presentation, and guidance. Thus, they help to provide unique services to the students.

What is an Essay?

An essay is an independent creative writing work gathered from present facts and information. Besides, it should contain a convincing argument from the writer’s point of view on the chosen theme. That is why it involves an interrogative structure of events in a clear, logical, and coherent structure.

What are the common mistakes that a student makes while writing an essay?

Ignoring task requirements :

If you are not paying enough attention to the manual that is provided by the college, it is evident that your paper won’t match the college guidelines. So, it is necessary that you start the writing process after reading the instruction manual that is provided to you by your college. Hence, if you read the given orders carefully, you will know the requirements. Once you understand the manual properly, you will get hundreds of ideas related to your area of interest.

Not Meeting Minimum Word Limit :

The word limit is always mentioned in the guidelines provided by the college. However, it is usually ignored by the students. Some students do not even bother to count the number of words written on their paper. As a result, sometimes you don’t meet the minimum limit. The minimum word limit for writing an essay is 250 words. A student needs to abide by this, no matter what.

Writing Longer Essay

While you must write at least 250-300 words, you should also avoid writing too much. Excessive information would make your paper dull. Hence, it would also cut off your grades. Besides, the more you write, the more grammatical mistakes you are likely to make. Hence, you should always keep it simple. Another reason is that writing longer essays will need a lot of time and this way it is likely that you will miss the deadline.

Copying the Essay Question in the Introduction

Another major mistake that a student makes is to copy-paste the essay question in the introduction of the paper. Note that you should always add your point and rewrite it. Copying anything just the way it is pulls your grades down. In the Introduction section, it is necessary that you sum up the question by paraphrasing it. However, these copied words won’t be counted and you will get penalized for writing less number of words. Hence, it is important that you read the question thoroughly and rewrite it in your own words.

Over-usage of Connectives:

Many students seem to exceed the usage of connectives in essays. But actually, using the connectives more than required will lead to a poor result. Hence, always make sure that you are not over-using the link words.

Incorrect Tone of Writing

Students with a casual approach towards writing complete their writing tasks in an informal tone that is the way they speak in their daily lives. A good essay should always be written in a formal, academic, and professional tone.

Poor Researching

Poor research is a common writing mistake because writers often overlook how much authenticity is relevant to readers. Hence, don’t forget to research every bit of information available and related to it. This research not only increases your learning on the subject but also helps you present factual information in your assignment. Because it is said to be the most vital as well as requisite part of this writing procedure.

Inconsistent Quality

A poor-quality essay will hint at your lack of expertise. So, the consistency of your essay matters to your readers. Once they label you as a trusted source, readers’ expectations will only increase — they always expect from you well-crafted content with valid information.

Why do you need an expert?


The experts are extremely proficient. They perform detailed research on the relevant information and present details that are factual.


The experts have ample knowledge in the specified area, they can produce unique and quality writing. This increases the chance of your writing to be original.


Assignments have strict deadlines with it. But, with an expert beside you, there is no need to worry about deadlines. The experts can manage multiple essays in a shorter period. That is why their skill and knowledge of the subject help them complete the essays on time.


The service providers have several cheap and reasonable price charts so that every student can think of affording them. Another key factor is that the companies provide several refund options. Students can avail of those services based on their level of satisfaction with the delivered order.

Well-structured writing:

Many students face issues while writing good assignments with impeccable English. Hiring an online expert helps you get grammatically strong content. The experts have an excellent grip on the subjects. Their skill helps you produce well-balanced projects with excellent language and facts.


As Shakespeare had said, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” the pen itself is not enough to make an effective writer. So, students mostly get stressed by the thought of completing their academic essays effectively. That is when they seek expert opinion. Hiring experts for the betterment of knowledge is a great idea. These companies offer all types of services such as Nursing Assignment Help, Law essay help, finance  Homework help, help with coding, and many more. So, why are you wasting your time? Go and grab them.



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