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Top Branding Company provides branding services that help businesses expand. Their services include brand identity design, research and strategy consultation as well as digital experience design consulting and innovation consulting – services they have been known for among their many clients.

Prior to joining Storyblocks, she served as Senior Director of Development and Sales where she expanded team size while increasing revenue growth.

Trice World News

Trice World News is a top branding company dedicated to crafting innovative brands that outshone competitors and delighted customers alike. Their core services include brand strategy, naming and identity creation; they specialize in crafting category-defining brands that outperform markets while producing business results.

An IFEC solutions company needed help with naming its new product and creating an internal workflow for future product naming projects, so they utilized discovery calls, naming exercises, trademark evaluation, trademark search analysis to find an apt name for their client and also produced logo, visual identity and brand guidelines as a result of this service.

Want Branding’s salary range can vary significantly based on industry and job role; General Counsel positions typically earn the most, while Customer Success Coordinators receive less compensation.

Vivaldi Group

The Vivaldi Group is an award-winning branding firm offering an array of services. Their experts help their clients develop powerful and memorable brands while their technical consulting services help ensure they remain ahead of competition.

This firm provides insightful perspectives on branding, business model design and new technology. Their global leadership team takes an engaged approach towards client relationships; their global leadership team are committed to producing results for them.

Recently, this brand earned two gold and one silver Marketing Excellence awards as well as five finalist nominations – testaments to their focus on customer and client satisfaction as well as creative designs that showcase excellence.

Blue Marlin

Blue marlin are deep cobalt blue on top and silvery white below, featuring long, spear-shaped upper jaws (bills). They feed in open ocean waters by swimming quickly to find schooling surface fish to feed upon. Blue marlin are one of the largest billfish, reaching 14 feet in length; females tend to be larger than their male counterparts.

These fish feed on an assortment of prey ranging from small tuna to deep-sea squid, with many also feasting upon dead and dying fish. As these predators reproduce quickly, reaching 3 to 6 feet within their first year.

Recreational fishermen pursue blue marlin by trolling lures rigged with either live or dead bait, and release any caught specimens immediately to preserve this iconic, highly migrating species.


MetaDesign was established by Erik Spiekermann in 1979 as an international brand consultancy. They now boast seven locations worldwide and assist brands such as AOK, Porsche and Didi Chuxing with market positioning strategies, product design, employer branding strategies and digital product development.

Employees at MetaDesign rank their experience working there at an average rating of 69/100 across numerous culture dimensions on Comparably, showing satisfaction most often with CEO Rating, Retention, and Team categories.

Sunil Goyal is an influential leader who has led MetaDesign Solutions into one of the premier branding agencies in New York. His unwavering dedication is dedicated to providing digital products and services that go above and beyond customer expectations.


Evviva is an award-winning branding firm, providing businesses with services including design, strategy and research to define their identity and purpose. Their work can be found with many well-recognized brands globally.

Evviva means “hurrah!” or “hooray!” in Italian and is an excellent way to commemorate any success – for instance, reaching 1000 subscribers on YouTube could warrant saying an enthusiastic “Evviva!”

Businesses benefit from branding services by creating consistent branding across channels. This ensures consumers recognize their visual identifiers for increased engagement and revenue–particularly beneficial for startups.


This leading branding firm specializes in developing powerful brands with lasting impression. Their multifaceted approach to brand strategy, design and management puts their clients’ goals and feedback front of mind as they develop powerful brands with lasting impression.

BrandMe is a private branding agency known for their designs, innovation consulting and strategic brand development services. Their work has helped many European brands expand their businesses while they specialize in identity, culture and experience design – their work having been featured prominently in marketing publications and awards shows.

Design Studio

Design Studio is an industry-leading branding firm offering top-quality work for over three decades. Their employees are friendly and helpful while they also offer competitive benefits packages.

Trice’s paintings celebrate those he depicts, with technical acumen evident in details such as clothing fabric and eye glint. He invites sitters into his high-ceilinged studio space in Pawtucket mill building for sittings where conversation plays an integral part of his process.

A new wave of black entrepreneurs is injecting fresh aesthetic into an otherwise white industry and contributing to changing how we perceive art. Their efforts are helping alter our perspective of art as we perceive it for itself.


Ramotion stands out in an industry full of branding companies who strive to make an impression, by offering services like brand identity design, user interface/UX design and product development. Working with clients such as Firefox, Salesforce and Bitmoji they craft designs that are both user-friendly and visually striking.

Descript is a company that transcribes audio and video, giving voice to those with blindness. They collaborated on Descript’s rebrand and refresh, designing app icons, visual brand identity elements, and marketing websites for them.

Trice has an interest in researching exhibition and moviegoing histories, media-studies approaches to space and place, Southeast Asian film and video culture and various Southeast Asian film/video festivals/culture. Her efforts have earned several fellowships and awards.



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