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What safety rules should you follow in a taxi?

If the taxi driver is inappropriate, try to leave the car

If you find yourself in a trap and feel that the driver is up to something terrible, don’t panic. Remember: if the driver suddenly begins to behave aggressively or strangely, there is no need to argue with him, interrupt, or try to convince him. In a word – there are no conflicts; this only aggravates the situation. Speak firmly and confidently, but do not raise your voice. It is best to gently but persistently ask to stop the car in some crowded place. Pretend you must go to a store or withdraw money from an ATM to pay for your trip. Your main task is to leave the car and prevent the driver from blocking the doors. Well, then act according to the situation:

  • Contact the nearest police officer.
  • Ask passers-by for help.
  • Call the service where you ordered a taxi for safety in a taxi.

During a pandemic, require the taxi driver to wear a mask

During the coronavirus epidemic, taxis have become the only means of transportation for many. This is better than public transport but only guarantees absolute safety. Therefore, when getting into a cab, wear a mask and gloves and ask the driver to do the same. If the taxi driver arrives without a show, it is better to cancel the order. During the trip, it is a good idea to ventilate the interior. If you need to put things in the trunk, it is better to do it yourself without resorting to the services of a taxi driver. When leaving the car, throw away the disposable mask and gloves and thoroughly disinfect your hands.

Don’t be afraid to complain about the driver

If the driver was rude to you or even committed a crime against you, do not be afraid to file a complaint. You can do this in several ways:

  • contact the taxi service through which you called the car;
  •  send a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor;
  • report the violator to the Department of Transport

After your appeal, the unscrupulous driver will almost certainly be fired or at least given a fine. In addition, you can always add a taxi driver you don’t like to the blocklist for safety in a taxi – then he will never be sent to you again. You can block the driver through a taxi ordering application or ask the operator if you are making a phone call.

Be Choosy

Opt for licensed and reputable taxi companies. Look for official markings, company emblems, and clean, well-maintained vehicles. If hailing on the street, be wary of unmarked cabs. Consider using ride-hailing apps with safety features like driver ratings and tracking.

Plan Your Route

Share your destination with a trusted friend or family member before you leave. Familiarize yourself with the general route, so you can recognize any deviations. Book your Lancaster to Manchester Airport taxi in advance and enjoy the peace of mind of a guaranteed ride.

Charge Up

Keep your phone fully charged. It’s your lifeline for communication and navigation in case of any trouble.



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