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8 Free Things to Do in Dubai

The Luxury life, the highest buildings, and the most crowded areas; yes! It’s Dubai However, when you think of the free activities to enjoy in Dubai it is likely to be confusing to people who visit. Dubai is renowned for its record-holding places that have never failed to please the demands of those who love culture. With so many popular tourist destinations to see and visitors who can easily obtain the Dubai Visa with simple steps and a single Dubai tour isn’t enough.

However, not every trip to every place in Dubai is a necessity for spending the expenditure of money. Certain places display artwork and history so beautifully that visitors are drawn to them. So, get you Dubai tourist visa to explore this list of eight free activities to enjoy within Dubai.

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Explore the souks of old.

The bustling Deira is a treasure-trove and is among the most storied souks around the world. The famous old market is known for its gold-shining souks that have exquisite jewelry of gold-smiths, as well as the spice markets are filled with spices of all sorts, including oils, nuts and saffron, all of which are utilized in a range of food items. If you go further, you’ll be in a perfume market selling the scent of rosewood, jasmine, rose and more. The textile souk isn’t atypical and is filled featuring traditional Arab designs and stunning designs.

It is important to note that you can’t buy these products for free, but a trip to the souks is not a way to shell out money.

Watch the water show from Dubai Fountains

Dubai Fountain Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest fountain that is choreographed with music and light and allowing people to view the spectacle for free. With more than 900 feet of length, it’s situated in thirty acres in Burj Al Arab Lake. The fountain performs to the tunes of your choice. The fountain, which is unique in design, that has 6600 WET superlights and 75 color projectors features powerful water nozzles that shoot water to impressive levels. To get the most enjoyment go on the boat and enjoy the views.

Wander around Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenues is the most lively and artistic area of Dubai’s downtown that is brimming with galleries, performance areas, and top food establishments. It’s a vibrant community of more than 500000 square feet, which houses a variety of artists and design firms and has been recognized as an important center for creativity within the UAE. Enjoy the culture that are offered by the artists from galleries to boutiques it is a great method to have fun with no cost.

Visit the Camel Museum

Camel is often referred to as”the desert ship and because it is a highly valued species, Dubai has its own Camel Museum. It is located inside the Al Shindagha area, the Camel Museum is free for visitors. It provides a unique opportunity to discover and understand the past, features, and facts of camels, specifically those of that region of the Arabian Peninsula. The visitor also gets the feeling of being curious to expand their knowledge about the relationship between camels as well as humans.

Why do you not visit this coffee shop?

The Coffee Museum is a must for anyone who loves coffee during the Dubai Trip. The best part is that it’s no cost. Coffee’s world begins here, starting from the early background of coffee beans’ rise all over the world, to the most modern methods and significance of coffee. Once you are inside the coffee museum, visitors are provided with Java as well as popcorn. a courtesy from Arab culture to greet the guests. Explore the significance of coffee across different cultures, from extraction to grinding and making the coffee. Coffee Museum Coffee Museum is a coffee lovers’ paradise.

Go hiking in Hatta

Hatta is a great spot for hikers thanks to the winding wadis arising from un-flat peaks and the terrain. The stunning Hajar Mountains surrounding Hatta feature various trails, ranging with sharp rocks, to sandy patches, which makes it an ideal adventure without spending a dime. It is also the most sought-after destination for mountain biking as well as camping with family and friends and other activities that are popular with people who love nature.

Watch Flamingos at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor is mere millimeters distance from Dubai and provides a stunning bird-watching experience. It’s hard to believe that location in the middle of a sparkling city is home to thousands of birds such as the ospreys and spot herons. The sanctuary also serves as a breeding site for mammalian, crustaceans, and fish, however the flamingos will grab your interest. It is also possible to spot magnificent egretsand reef herons as well as black-winged stiltsand much other beautiful pink beauties.

Love Lake has a romantic setting

Al Qudra is renowned for its stunning human-made lakes in the UAE including Love Lakes. Love Lakes is a perfect location to spend time with your loved ones. The most sought-after spot is comprised of two heart-shaped lakes which speak out of the love of. The benches and trees are a source of love. It is equipped with every convenience such as parking spaces as well as barbecue areas and hotspots for wildlife viewing. While you’re enjoying your visit here, make sure you don’t miss the best sunset view from here.



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