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Take a different approach with a catamaran charter for crewed passengers within the British Virgin Islands

Imagine that the Caribbean sun shining brightly over clear, still blue waters that is catching the white sand beneath and shining on shoals of vibrantly colored fish that are soaring under your feet.

It’s a beautiful day at the end of the glitzy catamaran, your legs hanging into the warm ocean, waiting for your lunch that will be delivered. Maybe you’ve taken swimming and now a cool ocean breeze is blowing across the palm-lined beach to the starboard.

The ultimate vacation dream is to travel to The British Virgin Islands – an area that is internationally renowned for being an ideal sailing destination. The BVI is renowned for its beauty, security and ease of travel.

Naturally, taking a vacation aboard a boat can make you feel more relaxed than others. Take into consideration factors such as an excellent boat and a trusted and experienced hire company, and you’ll truly sink in your vacation.

Imagine that you don’t need to move a finger to sail the boat. It’s because you decided to charter a crewed vessel.

Utilize one of the marketplaces for charters on catamaran vessels, such as Borrowaboat and worries about unsafe or uncertified vessels vanish. You’re in the safe in the hands from one of the most reputable markets for charters within the Caribbean.

If you’re looking to take chartering for the first time and want to explore the region, you’ll find that the British Virgin Islands are an ideal location to consider. It’s easy to navigate and the water is clean and calm and there are plenty of charming harbours that you can visit.

Borrowaboat can make your holiday easy. Just visit their website to browse through the hundreds of boats available in the region.

Worldwide, Borrowaboat has an incredible 35,000 vessels on the market with a range of vessels ranging from small craft and cruisers, all the way to unique superyachts. The selection of boats that are available in the British Virgin Island changes all the time , but there are hundreds of options to pick from.

When we last wrote the options ranged from a tiny two-cabin, four-berth yacht of 32 feet with a price of just 250 Euros per day, up to a magnificent motor cruiser with a skippered 162ft with room for 12 guests at 30000 euros per day.

Between these extremes There are plenty of possibilities to choose your ideal holiday on the water. Selecting the BVI is a fantastic place to start for your sailing adventure.

The islands have many options, from lively night places to quiet, unspoiled beaches. You can pick your anchorage based upon your preference.

Distances from harbors to each other are comparatively small. This makes navigation in the region easy, and there are no lengthy and treacherous sea crossings to endure.

Boat chartering has been in high demand in BVI so the business is extremely experienced in meeting the needs of consumers.

Tourism is an essential aspect of life in BVI. Tourism is a major part of life in BVI. Chartering boat charters for charter has been an important business here. Therefore, everything is set towards making the experience as simple as possible.

Most charters depart from Tortola where you’ll also discover the most convenient locations to stock up on items, such as drinks and food.

You can then go on your way and discover over 50 islands within this cluster to visit. There are 16 islands with a population and they’re all in a space of 150 sq km.

This is why you can request your crew to begin the day by having breakfast on an island, or perhaps take lunch on another mooring, and finish the day with the third anchoring. With a crew on the boat, you’ll be able to take a break and enjoy the island-hopping experience without worrying about where to take the next trip.

Certain experienced sailors choose to go solo; while others opt to hire the boat with a professional skipper. The best feeling of luxury however, is when you rent a boat with a crew of all.

It is usually the case that you hire an entire boat, which includes chefs, a skipper as well as a deckhand. It means that all meals will be cooked and served on the deck, while the skipper will take care of navigating you to where you wish to travel.

There’s no required assistance to tie the boat to shore or pull the anchor. There’s always someone available to assist, therefore you don’t need to pull ropes on unless you’re really keen to.

Choose a bigger boat and you could have room for more crew members , too. What about a nanny who will help your children and a personal trainer who will keep you in good fitness and even a driving coach to teach you how to become an underwater pro?

If you choose to hire a team to help you, you’ll discover that they’re competent and discreet enough to protect your privacy when needed. They’ll be taught to allow you the amount of or as little privacy as you’d like.

They will be living quarters located in a separate area of the vessel, separated from the guest bedrooms as well as living spaces.

Crew members take care of all the cooking, sailing, maintenance and washing. It’s common for them to ask to have them do all the shopping for you, too which includes filling with food items before you sail.

The primary goal of vacation is to focus on the experience. This could range from excitement to rest. Anything that allows you to focus on the vacation rather than the tasks will only enhance the feeling.

A crew will help you unwind to the max by removing all worries about cooking a dinner… along with washing up afterwards. Imagine the pleasure of telling the chef what you would like for each breakfast of the week, and then resting in peace knowing that the food will be cooked and served exactly the way you wanted it – at the ideal mooring you had in mind earlier.



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