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Top 7 Fabulous Travel Photographers of Instagram

Are you a traveling enthusiast? If so then you’re in the right place. Everybody loves to travel and discover unique places around the globe to see its absolute beauty and make lasting memories. Traveling opens the doors to another world. Photos of different locations are heart-warming and allow us to experience the quiet and beauty of the location we did not visit That is the beauty of pictures. According the, Instagram is now the most popular method for people to capture their lives. This is why, in this article are seven amazing photographers who travel on Instagram. You’ll definitely be amazed by the stunning photos taken by these photographers. So , without further delay we’ll dive into the story to see these amazing Instagram photographers!

Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl is the best travel photographer on Instagram with over 2 million followers. His photos depict an incredible journey through life that everyone would like to experience. Together with Andrea Dabene takes images of every kind of adventure, be it or romance, or just fun. Alex Strohl has got a gifted photography talent. The photos are extremely sensual and can bring an euphoria of pure bliss. Alex Strohl dares to go all over the planet to snap pictures during races in the ocean, diving and more! When you’re feeling uneasy or lonely, go to the website to feel the wonder.

Johan Lolos

Johan Lolos is also known as the Bear Grylls of photography because Johan Lolos is a true enthusiast of photography. He has the courage to go to every part of the globe and snap amazing photos. He is the photographer who is willing to jump into dirt for the perfect click. Johan is an self-taught outdoor photographer, who is well-known in all of New Zealand, Europe and Australia for his photography. His images are real and reflect his passion for travel. The major channels such as National Geographic, daily news and Buzzfeed make use of the images from Johan Lolos.

Chris Burkard

“A excellent photographer discusses what they are most afraid of losing” It’s a most touching and heartfelt quote from every photographer written by Chris Burkard. He loves spending most of his time in interesting and intriguing spots. He enjoys taking wild photographs and share images on Instagram. There’s nothing more satisfying than Chris Burkard’s passion to discover the world. The mysterious pool to the glacier, Chris is committed to capturing every moment on camera. With his adventurous, lifestyle-oriented photos of outdoor and traveling, Chris is ruling the world for Instagram photography.

Kiersten Rich

Kiersten Rich happens to be the person who has a goal-oriented approach to this field. She quit corporate life and is now an avid traveler. Kiersten once stated that she quit her job when she realized she was working for another person’s vision rather than her own. With a cheerful, funny and beautiful photos, Kiersten is one of the most joyful and open-minded photographers. She has traveled to over fifty countries and is now helping others reach their goals. Kiersten is followed by 542000 people on Instagram and continues to grow!

Emilie Ristevski

The Instagram feed of Emilie Ristevski is a collection filled with stunning images of different locations and times that grab your attention to the max and leave you forgetting all the other things. She traveled across the globe with her camera that was open 24 hours a day to capture every incredible thing. If it was natural light, or an air balloon that was hot, Emilie clicked all of them with great care and attention to detail. It’s the Instagram handle of Emilie is called @helloemilie. her account is a fan with 1.3 million followers. the followers are interested in every journey Emilie goes on. If you’re looking to get the same kind of followers to the account you have on your Instagram handle, then you’ll need to upload some stunning photos and upload them on your feed to gain genuine feedback in Instagram .

Clint Johnson

Have you ever observed the lush green grass or trees with white clouds spreading across the sky, surrounded by purple plants? If not, Clint can demonstrate that through his photographs. The truth is, Clint Johnson is a worldwide tourist who has visited over 100 countries. Clint Johnson is also known as a travel hacker. The reason behind his work is to take photos of breathtaking places across the globe. Thanks to his incredible photographic skills, he has 177.4 million people following him of Instagram as well. Clint invites his followers to join him for a trip.

Melissa Hie

Everyone loves food, particularly Melissa Hie. Melissa is a seasoned traveler who has visited almost every country around the globe. Melissa’s primary interest is to sample different types of food from around the globe and then capture photos of it. Melissa’s feed is an assortment of delicious foods from all regions around the globe. Each photo of Melissa could make you hungry to try the food thousands of miles away from your own home. Melissa is a symbol of the purity and beauty, the vastness, and joy of the whole world. She will encourage you to travel to various beautiful places. She believes that travel is a part of our DNA It’s all it takes is a bit of pressure!


Traveling lets you be free from pain. Going from one place to another, clicking images, what an amazing life! Once you’ve become familiar with the travel photographers on Instagram You can browse through their feeds and find ideas for your next travel destination. Pick the next place you’ll be going this weekend and have fun traveling by clicking on some amazing photos!



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