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The stylish kitchen knife for $89 that Iron Chef judge and Food Network host Judy Joo swears by

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The different between using a high-quality knife and a less-than-perfect one is like “breaking carrots versus mechanically separating them,” says Tyler Kord, owner of No. Seven restaurant, located in Brooklyn and is named among Bon Appetit’s top newly opened eateries in America in 2009. . Indeed, knives are so essential to cooking well that professional chefs often use their own knives to work with. So we asked the most famous chefs to show us the knives they enjoy.

Shun Classic Chef Knife priced from $144.95 through Amazon and highly recommended by Donatella Araua, the owner Prova Pizzabar.


“Finding the perfect knife is like finding the perfect relationship — it needs to feel comfortable,” Arpaia says. Arpaia. Her choice would be the Shun Classic Chef Knife, constructed of steel with carbon, cobalt vanadium, tungsten, and chromium to improve the strength and durability. The handle is constructed of the ebony wood that is infused with resin to increase water resistance, features a D-shaped grip that helps ensure it is suitable for right and left hand users.

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Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4” serrated Bread Knife that comes with a Fibrox Handle, priced with $32.11 at Amazon,recommended by Scott Conant, judge on Chopped.


It’s nice to have a knife that is able to chop up protein and vegetables effortlessly, it’s useful to have an instrument which is suitable for cutting tomatoes, breads, and other meats. To do such a purpose, Conant recommends the Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife with the Fibrox Handle. With a non-slip and ergonomic handle, it can also be used to spread frosting on cakes or cupcakes. “It’s great for everyday use,” Conant is the creator of “Peace, Love, and Pasta: Simple and Elegant Recipes from a Chef’s Home Kitchen” states.

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Suisin Inox Gyuto with prices starting with $123.50 at Amazon It was suggested by Tyler Kord, owner of No. Seven restaurant, located in Brooklyn


This Suisin Inox Gyuto is the most popular knife Kord utilizes. It is made from a mix of Japanese AUS-8 steel base It has two-toned wood handles. Kord Kord, creator of “Dynamite Chicken” and “A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches,” is awed by the fact the fact that the blade is extremely thin and able to cut through everything. However, he also likes the fact the fact that the knife doesn’t require to be sharpened frequently.

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Kunihira Sakiryu Nakiri VG10 Japanese Knife priced at $89 on, recommended by Judy Joo, host of the Food Network’s Korean Food Made Simple and regular jury member on Iron Chef America


Technically speaking, it is true that the Kunihira Sairyu VG10 Damascus Nakiri Japanese knife is intended to slice vegetables, however Joo makes use of it for cutting all kinds of things. With a double-edged stainless steel blade with an ebony wood handle Nakiri knives have sharp edges it “you really just need the weight of the knife to slice through things,” Joo states. In addition to making cutting easy and enjoyable, Joo likes the aesthetics of the blade.

Boldric White Corian 9-inch Chef’s Knife $255 on ,recommended by Michael Schulson, CEO and the founder of Schulson Collective, a collection of restaurants in Philadelphia


Schulson loves how stunning it is. Boldric White Corian 9-inch chef’s knife looks. “People ask me about it every time I use it,” Schulsonsays. He also likes the fact that it’s simple to maintain sharp and lasts for the rest of time. Made of stainless steel and an aluminum-brass and corian handle The knife features an extremely thin blade that is able to slice through almost anything. Make use of it to impress your dinner guests by your gorgeous knifeand your knives, of course.

LEARN MORE: Boldric White Corian 9-Inch Chef’s Knife, $225 on

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