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How to challenge government certifications

Everyone, at some time in their lives, needs a change in their personal and professional lives. People relocate to the UAE in quest of better career opportunities and lifestyles. The UAE is one of the fantastic countries that welcomes individuals from other countries to stay, work, or conduct business. The major stage for moving to the UAE is Certificate Attestation. 

It is a vital verification to determine the authenticity of the certificates and their owner. One must grasp the significance of certificate attestation/legalization from both the home and destination countries in order for such certifications to be legal and legitimate in the other country.

What is the meaning of UAE Embassy attestation?

If someone wants to enter the UAE, the first step that everyone must do is to get UAE Embassy attestation. It is an unquestionable need whether you are traveling for business, job, higher education, or dwelling. The authentication of certificates by the UAE Embassy is critical in verifying the authenticity of the certificates before they can be used in the nation. Before visiting the UAE, you must have your personal and professional certifications verified by UAE Embassy employees. Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Authentication from multiple authorities such as Notary, State Government, External Affairs Ministry, and UAE Embassy is required at the home country of the credentials throughout the certification procedure. To legalize the certificate in the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) will undertake the final legalization.

How can I finish the UAE Embassy attestation process in India?

There are four unique procedures to completing a UAE Embassy attestation in India. It begins with Notary verification and then requires confirmation by the Home department of the issuing state. Following State certification, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India’s central government department and the primary authority for legalization, would confirm the certificates and transmit them to the UAE Embassy for further legalization. The UAE Embassy/Consulate in India will legalize such certificates soon after the MEA to show their legality and authenticity.

The method for attestation of credentials for the UAE is dependent on the kind of certificate you need, the issuing state of those certifications, and the purpose of your journey. These considerations will determine the attestation method and the authorization required to accomplish it.

Attestation is required for three types of certificates: academic, personal, and commercial.

Academic certificates include degree certificates, diploma certificates, HSC certificates, and so on.

Personal certificates include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, medical certificates, and so on.

Power of Attorney, Bank Statements, Company Invoices, Product List, and so forth.

The Human Resource Development (HRD)/ Education Department (school/university/board/council) of the granting state of the certificates give Academic certificate attestation as Degree degree attestation for UAE in India.

Procedure for Attesting Academic Certificates in the UAE

Verification by a Notary

Verification of HRD/School/University

India, MEA Legalization UAE Embassy/Consulate Authentication

SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate)/ GAD (General Administrative Department)/ RAC (Regional Authentication Center)/ Home Departments of the issuing state of the certificates give an attestation for Personal certificates like Marriage certificate attestation for UAE. Qatar Embassy Attestation

Personal Certificate Attestation in the UAE

Verification by a Notary

Verification by SDM / Home Department

India, MEA Legalization UAE Embassy/Consulate Authentication

The relevant Chamber of Commerce will review all commercial paperwork before the MEA and UAE Embassy.

Commercial Papers UAE Attestation Procedure

Verification by the Chamber of Commerce

India, MEA Authentication

Legalization by the UAE Embassy/Consulate

Why is it critical to follow the UAE certificate attestation procedure?

If you want to work, go to school/college for further education, migrate, get a family visa, a student visa, work allowance, medical purposes, trade, or conduct business in the UAE, you must follow the process for attestation of certificates properly. To enter/stay lawfully in the UAE, one must complete all steps of the certification process. To complete the attestation correctly, 

you must send your original certificate and documentation. Duplicate documents are not acceptable and will be deemed forged. You may face severe legal penalties and will never be able to get a visa to the UAE.



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