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Offshore infrastructure support team can manage daily infrastructure operations easily

Previously, a lot of companies had centers in countries in South Asia to take advantage of the abundance of highly skilled talent and the low salary of these employees. But now, companies are moving to more of an offshore development company model. This business model does not just with budget minimization but also other benefits. They provide exceptionally skilled employees for all infrastructure services and can cut down our costs on infrastructure, technology and training. It is a viable approach for those companies that can hire high-quality local resources.

Features of an offshore infrastructure support team

  • Cost-effective services
  • Efficient and senior-skilled professionals
  • Transparent and well-communicated management
  • Secure and confidential practices
  • Commitment 

Services offshore team provides

Operations managed by the offshore infrastructure support team have valuable resources and can manage areas of:

Data center

  • Installation and configuration of the company’s server infrastructure
  • Monitoring and maintenance services of infrastructure
  • Virtualization of the network
  • Migrations services
  • Storage management

Desktop support

  • Asset management of IT infrastructures
  • Monitoring and management of computing
  • Installation and configuration of the company’s computing infrastructure
  • Technical training and functional end-user support
  • Support to admins and clients of the company

Network management

  • Trouble shooting of company’s systems and networks
  • Installation and configuration of network and network equipments
  • Maintenance of data equipments
  • Incident management
  • Security management

Cloud management

  • Maintenance of cloud environment
  • Automation, updations and other software improvements
  • Bug fixing within the company’s cloud
  • Storage and backup of the company’s data into the cloud
  • Platform updation

The teams provide their skills in these support services along with migrations to different IT platforms, IT sunsetting, routine maintenance, automation of all processes etc.

How can the offshore infrastructure support team benefit you

When there are issues of lack of local talent, most companies usually hire from an offshore business development agency. But we will look at how outsourcing offshore teams can bring in much more advantages to the company. It shall provide the upper hand to your company, let’s look at some of them-

  • The offshore teams contain highly skilled professionals who manage multiple targets and meet goals. They provide the internal quality talent.
  • Hiring them is cost-effective due to the low salaries of the employees in their countries as the cost of living is less.
  • There is reduced risk as the employees are experts in their field and there is no loss of wrong recruitment of employees.
  • There is good productivity in the company. The people working in these teams are specialized, so your company doesn’t have to spend their time on such a project but rather can work on the project they are specialized in.
  • They have access to the newest technology and innovations. This will help your company as they can provide the advanced tools necessary and solve any issues. Overall, it can bring stability and flexibility.
  • It increases the capacity of future business requirements. There will be knowledge sharing between the offshore and in-house teams to create better motivation and productivity.
  • The stakeholders will trust your company better. The infrastructure support service provided by them will give you quality returns, which will please the stakeholders and convince them.
  • There will be increased application availability. The offshore team can work while the in-house team is asleep. Thereby gaining larger productive hours.
  • The cost of processes of recruitment and training are removed from your budget. The offshore team already comes with all the skilled professionals required.
  • The infrastructure cost is cut down as there is no need to pay office rent, buy furniture and equipment, or keep office supplies. 

In conclusion, hiring an infrastructure support team offshore is a good business model if you want to improve the productivity and growth of the company.  It is cost-effective, helps you save time, finds you the top-skilled talent, and improves stability and flexibility. All in all, improving the profitability of the company and making your company rise to the top in the competitive market.

Contact Checkmate global technologies. We will be your partners in making offshore teams work for you. We will select exceptional teams as per your requirements so that you can achieve high productivity and good returns to scale. With the right talent pool provided by our team, we will help you to utilize the advantages of outsourcing an offshore team.



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