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Get 1000 Free YouTube views

The platform youtube is changing and evolving constantly. Earlier in the day, cute videos of cats and videos of dogs skating were some of the most popular videos on youtube, but those days are gone. Now youtube is so much more than that; various new kinds of videos are trending on youtube, and it has become a great place for marketing. The watch hours on an average day of youtube is more than t billion hours, and that’s a big deal. These figures are more than combining the watch hours of Facebook videos and Netflix combined.

These figures clearly state that some great business is going on youtube. Still, the sad fact is that 62 percent of channels only use youtube for uploading videos rather than doing great business and earning money. Many people still need to learn that Youtube can also be an excellent business medium for many people. So there are many ways through which people can earn great money from youtube by gaining free youtube views.

Ways to free youtube views

Planning the video

The first step in making any valuable content that people will love and gain YouTube views is to plan the video. You must clearly show what you want to show before producing the video. You can start by creating an outline for the video and start preparing each scene, thus dividing the video into sections that will make it easier for you to stay relevant. 

You can also create a storyboard in which you can outline every scene. You must also be clear about the message you want to give through your video. It would help if you decided in what part of your video you want calls to action. These methods may sound less important but are very effective if you want to gain some free views.

Writing the script for the video

After creating the plan for the video, now is the time to write the script. The writer must ensure that the language used in the video is relatable and easy to understand, and the audience must also find it appealing. For example, if we are making a video for a beginner’s guide, we are advised not to use any technical terms. And if the video explores the depths of a particular industry, then it is advised to use terms specific and relevant to the industry. 

These tactics help the video creator build a relationship with its viewers, and the viewers begin to trust the video creator. Also, creating a gigantic script is unnecessary if the storyboard is short. Doing this can lead to many scenes lingering with each other, and this will not result in a good video, and viewers wil not have a good experience while watching the video.

Creating a list of all of the shots

Creating a list of all of the shots that are going to be in the video will help in focusing on more minor details in every scene. This will ensure that the video creator has all the work on more minor details like the placement of the camera and the direction of the lights, which are also very important in a video. Thus creating a list of all the shots before making any video is very important. 

You can create a list of all the shots after creating the list of all scenes in the video. The list of all the shots must contain some essential details related to the shots, such as the setup of the camera in the shot, the direction, and production required in ach shot, the dialogues, or any action if required in the video.

Thus methods may not sound important, but they are essential as they will a video creator create compelling videos through which they can gain a large number of views on their worth watching videos for free.



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