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Why Do Indian YouTubers Make Less Money Than Those From Other Nations?

It is no surprise that at least 50% of the youth earn their money through social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The amount you earn mostly depends on the quality, quantity, and how many people watch and follow you.

The most well-known method is to make money on YouTube by doing what you enjoy. If you have a certain number of followers and viewers and meet some of the basic criteria guidelines as given by YouTube, then you are eligible to get the money.

Each genre has a different amount of money associated with the same number of views, i.e., a comedy genre video is preferred more than another genre video. But does the amount of money also vary region by region and also depend on the country you live in?

Yes! YouTube pays different amounts of money in different countries. For example, an Indian-based Youtuber earns less than a YouTuber who is based in the U.S. or other wealthy countries. But why so? Let’s find that out in the rest of the article.

What are CPC and CPM?

Before answering the actual question, there are a few terms that you must understand and that we are going to address here – CPC and CPM.

Cost Per Click is the abbreviation for CPC. In this case, you pay a predetermined sum each time your ad is clicked. For instance, if your advertisement costs Rs. 40 per click and receives 1,500 clicks, you would pay the ad network Rs. 60,000 in total for your advertisement. It is calculated as :

Advertising Campaign Cost / Number of Clicks

Cost Per Mille is abbreviated as CPM. Every 1,000 impressions are referred to as a “mille.” In this model, you pay a predetermined sum to have your advertisement served 1,000 times by a network. No matter if users click through to your website or not, this price point remains constant. It is calculated as follows:

Total AdSense Revenue x 1000 / Impressions

Why Do Indian YouTubers Make Less Money Than Those From Other Nations?

The amount of money you earn is given to you by the ad company and not by YouTube directly. Depending on how many people, on average, click on their ad, the ad company decides how much they want to pay for their ad in a country. 

Youtube receives between 30 and 40 percent of the total revenue from advertisers when viewers watch a Youtube ad in a video. Regrettably, because the cost of advertising is lower in India than in other western nations, less money is allocated for ad promotion there.

The other factor that decides it is CTC. On average, it has been found that Indians click on only 2-3 ads per day, while in other countries like America, people usually click on 14-15 ads per day. Now, if you have a high CTC, then obviously, your pay will be high; otherwise, it will be low.


Those were some of the factors that affect pay in India. Though there are a lot of products that are more popular in India than in other countries, these companies might offer a high price for their advertisement and hence can increase your pay. 

To know about how much YouTube pay per views check here:



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