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12 American clothing brands that should be on your style radar

Here is our selection of American clothing brands you should shop this season.
American clothing brands offer so much when it comes to fashion. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re searching for here; from sportswear and high performance wear, jeans or stylish dresses – American fashion has plenty of talent that has proven themselves time and again in creating outstanding garments.

British clothing brands tend to specialize in classic styles with modern twists; American clothing brands provide more versatile choices. You’re likely familiar with Levi’s denim legends; sports giant Nike; New York Fashion Week favorites Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren are just a few leading American clothing brands; however these offerings go much deeper than jeans, trainers, or polo tops!

American clothing brands stand out from the pack with their unique identities; be they chic French clothing brands, glamorous Italian ones or Scandinavian’s minimal yet maximal aesthetic. Each American clothing brand boasts their own distinct signature style – whether you want quality basics for everyday wear or statement pieces to wear to special events. Here are our favorites and what pieces we suggest investing in for this season.



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