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Top 20 Plus Famous American fashion brands

Clothes have the ability to significantly impact our lives for various reasons. Fashion inspiration comes from all sorts of places; there are thousands of American fashion brands but each renowned one specializes in something specific. Not sure which ones best suit you? Check out this list of 20 American clothing companies we compiled as an overview.

Converse is an American shoe company known for designing, manufacturing and licensing sneakers, skate shoes and casual wear under their Converse lifestyle brand. Since 1999, Converse has established over 1100 company-owned retail stores within the US market and 63 overseas. Famously known for their star insignia design of All-Star Rubber Sole footwear as well as round, rounded toes with wraparound strips; Converse is widely considered a global fashion icon.

American Clothing Brands | Converse For over fifty years, Converse was the go-to supplier for athletic shoes in America as one of few remaining manufacturers that produce military footwear. But their reign began to slip as other companies introduced their own distinct styles – starting in the 1970s.

Calvin Klein first made its mark as one of the world’s premier fashion and lifestyle American brands in 1968 when it debuted in New York, quickly becoming one of its most recognisable global retail names. Today, this global fashion house continues to build distinct identities within their market that allow customers to market a variety of universally appealing products which meet a range of customer needs.

Calvin Klein stands out among American clothing brands due to its focus on simplicity and sensuality, elevating everyday essentials into iconic status. Calvin Klein remains a pioneer of American fashion; their focus on one-of-a-kind pieces that look fresh all year long still stands the brand in good stead today since PVH bought Calvin Klein in 2003.

Vans is one of the leading US fashion brands and has made waves in youth sportswear by sponsoring events and opening a nationwide network of skateboarding parks across the US. Established by American footwear and apparel company VF Corporation in Anaheim, California in 1972, they became known for sponsoring events like 1996’s Warped Tour a traveling rock festival that takes place annually; by 2001 Vans had amassed an impressive collection of skateboarding facilities around the country.

American Clothing Brands-VansWants for more than 70 years, Vans has been one of the premier manufacturers of footwear and apparel designed to appeal to young and active customers. Now in its 21st year of operations, Vans is dedicated to staying abreast of current fashion trends; an approach which puts it in prime position to expand its market share further.

Brooks Brothers of Manhattan was established in 1818 and remains one of America’s oldest clothing companies (over 200 years in operation) today. Over this time period, it has preserved American style traditions and craftsmanship to become one of America’s iconic fashion houses, dressing 39 US presidents as well as industry leaders and cultural pioneers.



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