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Best Beach Destinations in Mexico

COVID-19 could be affecting our travel and vacation plans in the moment however that shouldn’t stop us from dreaming of beautiful beaches and the sparkling waters. Check out this list of the most popular Beach Destinations in Mexico to find inspiration for your next vacation that you can’t miss. We took into consideration the landscape and water quality, the crowdedness and other possible activities within the area to come up with our recommendations.

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Why Mexico Beaches?

For one thing If you’re located in the US It’s within reach. But there’s something more important than that It’s that there are around five-and-a-half miles (ca. 9,334 kilometers) of coastline, with beaches that are available for rentals and a world of wonder around you of gorgeous beaches and sparkling ocean water. It doesn’t matter if you swap out certain amenities in order to get obscure locations or opt to the luxury resorts along the Pacific or Caribbean coast, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for if you go through our list of:

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Cancun
  • Xpu Ha Beach
  • Playa del Amor
  • Bahia Balandra
  • Playa Maroma

1. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Beach is not far from the airport and has the resort town that is full of things to do, sights and restaurants, shops, and bars. If you’re bored walking through the charming cobblestone streets, relax on the beach or close by Sierra Madre Mountains.

Have a look around the breathtaking 14 acres of the Puerto Vallarta resort. Its Westin Resort & Spa is a beautiful resort with gorgeous beachside pergolas with pools, two beaches with a spa, fitness center, with its lush palm trees and lush gardens.

2. Cancun

There’s not a list of Mexican’s beaches without one of the popular beaches. Cancun Beach is famous for being a hot spot for parties. Some people compare it with towns similar to Las Vegas because it comes with luxurious resorts, hotels, and all the associated entertainment choices.

If you’re not interested in the casino and party scene, you can enjoy your time on the 14-mile beach or explore the old Mayan attractions spread across the region.

3. Xpu Ha Beach

Xpu Ha Beach, as its name suggests it is also component of Riviera Maya. It’s located just a little to the south of Puerto Aventuras. The beach is a less well-known location where locals go to unwind. If you decide to spend your holiday there, you may be able to enjoy peace and tranquility. It also means that there aren’t a lot of places to eat or things to do within the vicinity.

It is possible to join local beach activities , like yoga or soccer and take advantage of the local food at restaurants or even at vendors along the beach. This is the ideal spot for those who wish to sit on a beach and soak in some of the authentic local culture.

4. Playa del Amor

Retrace your steps towards one of the most well-known spots. This is the Land’s End rock structure is the only one that encloses the beach making it only accessible by water via an boat from the marina within Cabo San Lucas. The nature of the beach makes it more intimate, and earned it the name Lover’s Beach. It’s a well-known beach, so you’ll never feel at home with your partner However, the charm of the place is worth a trip.

5. Bahia Balandra

Comparatively, Bahia Balandra located in the Baja region of La Paz is much more private. There aren’t any amenities on the beach and, therefore, it generally has fewer visitors. Because of its protected natural environment along with the rock formation known as Diamond Rock, this beach is a great location for families who can enjoy snorkeling and swimming to their hearts’ delight.

6. Playa Maroma

A different Riviera Maya beach The Playa Maroma, is a top-of-the-line beach vacation spot. And this is especially true since the Travel Channelvoted it one of the top 10 beaches around the world. If you’d like to go there yourself, you must save money. There aren’t many budget hotels in the vicinity of the beach, which means you need to choose luxury hotels or villas for access to the two-mile long beach that is part of Cataloniaresort. Cataloniaresort.

If you’re able to afford it you will are guaranteed exactly what you would expect to get: a postcard-perfect vacation with soft sands, sparkling clear waters and all the luxury of a luxury resort.


Mexico is home to a variety of gorgeous beach vacation spots and this is only one of the options. If you’re looking for a true authentic local vacation, un-crowded off the radar beaches, or the complete luxurious resort experience You can get everything.

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