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Five Most Amazing Beaches to visit in Goa

Goa features many charming beaches, beautiful coastlines and delicious food. No matter if you’re an individual traveler or a honeymooner looking to travel to Goa with your family, Goa has something for every person.

Stop by some of the most captivating places and beaches to relax. Enjoy the stunning view of the butterfly garden. fish in the traditional way at the butterfly beach. While doing this is sure to be at peace with yourself. If you’re in Goa don’t pass up the chance to meet the bubbly dolphins on Baga beach.

The most iconic Candolim beach has plenty of water-based activities you can indulge in and the vibrant nightlife scene of Calangute beaches is something that you should experience during your visit to Goa.

In addition, certain attractions complement your personality and help you feel relaxed and at ease. If you have time in your hands, go to the flea market to purchase beautiful handicrafts and beautiful accessories for your closest family members and friends. Make sure you visit this destination party spot with various Goa vacation packages that are available on Thrillophilia.

Table of Contents

  • Butterfly Beach
  • Agonda beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Calangute Beach

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is quiet location at Palolem beach which lies in the south of Goa. The place is highly recommended to tourists who enjoy quiet and tranquil locations. This beautiful spot offers an amazing opportunity to take in the scenery for visitors who feel as if they’ve stumbled across an uninhabited island. But, getting to these spots is not easy since one needs to get out of the dense forest and walk along rugged trails.

Agonda beach

Agonda is a quiet beach situated in the southern part of Goa. The beach is famous for its peaceful ambience and its panoramic beauty. Traditional fishing is practiced in the surrounding villages of Agonda beach, which makes it a popular and culturally appealing beach for tourists. If you’re a solo visitor or are visiting with family members or close friends you are sure to be attracted by the tranquility of the beach. Additionally, you can see tiny turtles hatching as well as vibrant fish swimming. It is also possible to enjoy various water activities. It is possible to enjoy a great beach day even if watersport isn’t your preference.

Baga Beach

If you’re a beach person who enjoys relaxing at the shoreline, spreading in the white sand then you’ll be amazed by the stunning beauty that is Baga beach. This beach is located in the northern part of Goa and is surrounded by the stunning surroundings that surround Sinquerim as well as Candolim beach. It is also a favorite location for family vacations. Relaxing and taking a stroll along this beautiful beach is an activity that people usually enjoy. Don’t miss watching dolphins swim through the clear waters at Baga beach. Additionally the beach is a popular spot for those who love partying in loud, energetic crowds and music.

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is traditional stretch of sand situated among the lush coconut trees, and sporting the look of blue waters. It has a lovely atmosphere, but isn’t typically crowded like Baga beach. In addition, you can enjoy a range of water sports, including Skiing, Banana Boat Ride and parasailing. The beach is filled with shacks, cafes and restaurants with delicious food, and a relaxing atmosphere to unwind.

If your visit to Goa isn’t complete without shopping. While you’re here don’t forget to buy bags, accessories, and handicrafts accessories at the shops along Candolim beach.

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is renowned as “Queen of Beaches,” it is without doubt one of Goa’s top beaches. Calangute Beach is the most crowded beaches within North Goa, with restaurants bars, shacks, and restaurants along the beach’s perimeter. Calangute is also known for adrenaline seekers because it has a wide range of water sports, including parasailing, water surfing banana rides as well as jet skis. Calangute Beach’s nightlife can’t be beat with wild partying and live music. The thrilling nightlife of Calangute beach is something you must not be able to miss. While you are here, you can stay in the stone homes.



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